Since I host the majority of the programs that I use in these instructions on this site, when you download programs from me you’ll be using the exact same version as in the screen shots that will walk you through all the steps needed to mod your phone. I also learned through my own trial and error as I followed the various instructions which were sometimes not clear in their procedures or wrong. Takes screen shots of your inner screen only. Motorola Vxxx Mod Tool. Used for modifying the ” With this you can transfer mp3s, pictures, and backup up your phonebook to your computer.

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Notorola comments and pings are currently closed. Here’s their home page. It will give you a thorough status report as it determines your software and downgrades the bootloader one version at a time.

Sending Restart Command… Bootloader is now 7. RSD Lite will also flash and flex your phone.

Motorola RAZR p2k tools Questions & Answers (with Pictures) – Fixya

This program aids greatly in installing skins, or themes. Downloads section If you are looking for any media files cl. Follow the instructions carefully or you could wind up with a dead phone. I’m running Windows XP with Service Pack 1 and I just got lucky installing everything and having it work the first time.


On the top motorolaa the screen you will see something like this: I also have another bootloader downgrader that’s supposed to work even better than the Scotty2 program. Early version of program.

I created this site because I wanted to learn how to modify the V3 simply and correctly. I have four different sets of files here. Try searching for “RSD Lite 2. Search Google for “PST 6. These seems control every aspect of how the phone behaves such as: There are several versions of the V3 with a letter after it like c, m, r, t, and v. They used to last 7 days. File 1 – Contains: Good luck to the repair! The program will install the software and will finally display this screen.

Reflash files are flash files. Back up your V3’s files both your personal files and the system files before you modify them in case you later have a problem.

Unlock Motorola V3 RAZR and go to the Moon!

You can login to do that! To use it, simply connect the V3 to the data cable and launch the downgrader program. The easiest way to get in trouble is to not read all the directions in a particular section, or worse, think you know what you are doing and ignore my directions and go off the map.


This is needed specifically to modify the splash screen image. I can’t stress enough the importance of having a fully charged battery prior to performing any modifications with it. Keep that in mind if you have a problem and decide to email me about it and I reply moforola I can’t help you.

Download the tools above, unpack them unrar, unzip — here is a good tool for that tugzip Step 2. Motorpla can also backup your PDS and your bootloader.

Windows will ask you to install the drivers once the phone is plugged in, so just point it to the right directory where you unpacked them.

This program aids greatly in installing skins, or themes, which change the look of your phone’s buttons and menus and sounds. This ends the “downloads” section of this tutorial. Download the “Motorola P2K Drivers version 2. Please do not e-mail me about this issue, I’ve never had this problem so I can’t help someone else with it.