So why is it listed here, instead of at the bottom with the rest of the controllers we tested? They are not limited to standard “Y,” “B,” “A,” and “X” spreads, with many games having their own unique configurations. Other companies make an xbox compatible controller. Here you can opt to have the profiles and other information saved either in your My Documents folder or the location of the program. Guaranteed by Mon, Jan 7.

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At half the cost of a DualShock 4, you lose the wireless capability but still get a solidly-constructed gamepad, and it worked as soon as I plugged it in.

If you can manage to get your hands on a Wireless Gaming Receiver Any wireless Xbox compatible controllers even those made by third conrtoller should work fine and behave identically to the original controller. This question does not appear to be about videogames or videogame consoles within the scope defined in the help center. I tried to find one recently bud contoller no luck. So, do you specifically not want a Microsoft controller?

You may also like. The Xbox Controller features an ergonomic design. How should you clean these controllers and attachments?

Looking at this more closely, it seems to me to be a shopping recommendation The slightly-smaller Xbox One controller feels controoller as well-made, and has an improved d-pad.


Clean the unit of any debris by using a circular motion. They range from solid colors such as red and black to ornate and multi-colored entries. Everything on this controller works just like new. No sign of usage.

I need help with madcatz xbox 360 controller on pc

Got one to sell? Many companies produce adapters so that you can make an existing controller perform with your chosen game. I’ve put a lot of hours into SFIV with both controllers and fight sticks, so I know how it ought xontroller feel.

In reply to SC Tom’s post on November 14, Would you like to contact Support regarding the “How to calibrate your Xbox Controller for Windows” issue you were reading about or a different issue?

Zommuter 8, 19 75 You can make as many profiles as you wish for your various games and emulators. The DualShock 4 isn’t superior in every way to every one contriller these competitors, but it’s the superior all-around choice.

We won’t give up and neither should you. Next, you can opt to associate the unique profiles of XPadder with the application. To use the image simply right click and copy it in your browser, then click on the small controller icon in on the upper right side of the Xpadder interface to access the menu.

The controller can be also illuminated at the press of a button thanks to its built in LED lights. I know that Microsoft used to make a wireless usb dongle for xbox wireless controllers. Exen if it isn’t an afterglow, same process. I’ve known people in the past that have made that mistake, so just thought I would ask. Best choice for yourself or your friend.


If, during the following diagnostic tests, it becomes clear that the installation did not go as planned, you can visit the support page for the controller here and download the appropriate drivers for your version of Windows. Siyfion 1 2 9. The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere Joinsubscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles.

Any wireless Xbox compatible controllers even those made by third parties should work fine and behave identically to the original controller.

Best controller for PC gaming | PC Gamer

Madcats face buttons are large and still mushy, the bumpers and triggers have a responsive click and pull—they just feel identical to using an Xbox One controller. We’re sorry this article didn’t solve your problem. I need an updated version of instructions for this.