To change the path to your license file, first remove the existing FLEXnet service using the installs -r command, reinstall FLEXnet using the new location, and then reboot your system. If the port is not specified, the default is chosen by the operating system at run time. In a node-locked environment, it is installed on the local machine. To set up redundant license servers, use the same FLEXnet procedures on all three servers. Otherwise, your licenses are floating.

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The following table lists ADS versions with details of their license management:. You must run a separate copy of lmgrd for each license file. Everything in the options file is case-sensitive.

Manage all license models out of the box, including pay-for-overage support Flenxet efficient in-product and volume license activation support Prevent unauthorized copying and piracy Support flexible machine fingerprinting Support a wide variety of platforms including all major operating systems and virtualization technologies.

Note The Agilent License Information Tool is available to check your environment variable settings, display your license. Your product’s license file s define the license server s by hostname and hostid in the SERVER line s in the license file. The type of license you have depends on the product version you are using. FLEXnet enables you to set up a redundant license server configuration.

Setting Up Licenses for Windows Installation

If you have started this program, stop it using the Task Manager or re-boot your PC. There are two basic compatibility rules for FLEXnet:. You must start the FLEXnet license manager rlexnet lmgrd on the license server s first.


Resolve this issue by removing any existing drivers and reinstall the supplied FlexID drivers. When the process is complete, click Finish to close the utility. If you have not already received your security codewords from Agilent EEsof, you will need to provide this number for your Codeword Request Form, as explained in the section, Determining License Type. When you run multiple copies of lmgrdthere are two details to remember:.

Bundles are an improvement over packages by giving you more control over which license bundles are used during an ADS session. Change the default hostname setting in your license file to the actual hostname of your license server.

Manage software licensing and compliance more mwcrovision. When you are running FLEXnet-licensed products from multiple vendors, you have three ways to prevent licensing conflicts during installation:. This may occur when a license server is behind a company firewall and other sites or companies need to check out licenses. macrovisiln

Write out this data, and you have your combined license file. The ADS daemon names available are:. If agileesofd is not in the same folder as lmgrdyou must specify a path to it using the following syntax. To monetize and protect software against overuse and piracy, software suppliers and IoT companies need a flexible and robust licensing technology.

For specific application programs, you can use either the new or the old version with the assumption that the vendor daemon for that application is at least as new macrovisoon the application. With the first option you will have more license servers to monitor. Implement glexnet modern monetization models out of the box Provide in-product and volume license activation support Protect software with tamper resistant application technology code obfuscation and sophisticated detection and identification of unauthorized use Broad platform support for a wide range of operating systems, including embedded and mobile Detect virtual machine cloning and manage compliance according to your policies.



You can do this by using one of two methods:. If you need more bundle selection flexibility to control which licenses are used on selected systems, see Manually Setting flxenet License Bundle Preference.

Using lmtools, you can:. FlexNET licensing is now combined for different versions meaning the license file supplied will run all of these versions simultaneously if you have the latest version license file.

You will need to stop, then restart, the license server to make these updates. Each major and interim version release normally requires a license file upgrade. Note Some clients may timeout before they can connect to a license server through a firewall set up on a Windows PC. FlexID installer 16Mb Version if