It certainly sounds good, but then, I also like beer, the smell of fruity girl shampoo, donuts, and Farscape, but if you put all those together, you’d get some kind of sin against nature, some kind of Dan. Is the game unresponsive because I left my copper tops in too long? I also find it funny how if you let this particular utility start on its own and then attempt to shut it off in windows, it’ll threaten that your Logitech products will not work. Ratings and Reviews Write a review. Skip to main content.

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Let me tell pwd brother, rumble and wireless won’t mix until we get little fusion reactors to power our equipment and negate the purpose of batteries it’s either that or wireless power transfer, or the tumor ray, as I like to call it.

Logitech Wingman Cordless Rumblepad Review – IGN

See, hypothetically speaking, an obsessive compulsive person who walks through the front door four times for superstition’s sake and organizes, and manages every file and registry setting on his computer, might not like the idea of having to worry about batteries debilitating his game performance.

Still, its inclusion is commendable, however moderately impractical it ultimately ends up being. Trending Price New.

I can push buttons and olgitech them to other keys without the aid of some lame ass profiler, thank you very much. Everything will work fine in games, and the thing will not catch fire or throw a temper tantrum and kick you in the shins. Dropbox is the perfect tool for keeping all your files in sync: So I took issue with a lot of what this controller had to offer.


In conjunction with constant shoulder button use, you’ll find your thumbs awkwardly outstretched from your hand. You got the best controller around, something the Cordless Rumblepad is not. Logitech’s latest offering, the WingMan Cordless Rumblepad I’ll always love and cherish PC hardware naming conventionstakes a lot of good ideas, sloppily implements them, and then falls prey to logitceh inherent limitations of its single distinguishing, most purchase worthy feature.

Box is wwingman bit beat up but has never been opened as far as I can tell. Sure, it’s ergonomically designed and doesn’t hurt ah, the good old days of the NESbut not only is it difficult to press one direction and only one direction, despite the little plastic bubble guides, it’s also hard to know when you’re pressing a direction.

Logitech Wingman Rumblepad

Gotta love those stupid auto-loading, start when windows does controller configuration tools. No ratings or reviews yet. But on my MK4 Cupcake they turned out like this: Download All Files 26 30 6 5 1 0. It’s a winngman dusty, but in good condition.

It’s just not as immediately or lastingly comfortable as other trigger combinations. The sloping angle and large sizes of the two lower buttons make them easily accessible.

Analog stick for the Logitech WingMan Rumble Pad 3d printed

Spotty performance, constant battery swaps, and battery worries are high prices to pay for one less wire and a bit more mobility. It can be best thought of as a curvier Hammerhead FX with shoulder buttons in place of triggers. Be sure and add a digital pad straight off of the Saturn, and the mouse like wheel we talked about just above the right shoulder button similar to where the Logitech’s throttle is rumboe. One cue PC developers need to take from the console controllers are color-coding and positioning rules.


Logitech WingMan Rumblepad (963233-0403) Gamepad

I personally prefer a softer, rubbery feeling like that of the PS2, Xbox, or GameCube, but these work well. About Logitech Wingman Shop the extensive inventory of video game accessories including Logitech video game controllers! Please Login to Comment.

Even though they lack the outer directional indents of the GCN’s plastic rim, they seem to have more of a notched motion than their console counterparts except for the Dreamcast, which they feel ;ad comparable to in terms of consistency of movement.

Durable I bought one of these new init’s nowI still have it and still works perfectly. Why didn’t I search before modeling. With 20GB, you have the space you need: You can download the drivers from Logitech if needed.

Close your eyes and press one of the console controller’s d-pads in any direction and you know you’re pressing it in that direction; you can feel it go down, and come up when released. Logitech – Wingman Warrior Joystick. Remember to Post a Logiteh