Any use of the word Palm is for discussion purposes and is a registered trademark of Palm Inc. However, why didn’t they specify compatibility for the other models? I assume you’ve already installed Palm’s T5 bugfix? Do not worry, it is not hung. Thanking you in advance for your help. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Free Best Palm Lifedrive Hacks & Tweaks Downloads

Your device will now reset; this is normal. Personally speaking, after having my T5 adn enjoying the copious RAM, the 32 in my seems a bit weak. Account Register Log in user: Think i’ll wait and see how Dmitry’s work develops. I can load the card via PC card reader with music, photos and ebooks but backup, Tomtom don’t work. We’ve been hard at work creating an SDHC driver for your devices. How to get at the code to do that simple change so that the Tungsten and Zires can integrate it is beyond me.

Please be very careful to fill it in correctly.


FAT32 Driver – simplified instructions: Although we couldn’t test future expansion cards with older handhelds during development, we expect many newer expansion cards to work with older palmOne devices. Maybe you could try npitcher? You have the mmc update file to your E Tungsten available here: Your device will now support FAT For example, each entry in the Contacts application had nine “Custom” fields, up from four in the T5. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

That will solve the 2 Gb SD problem. That’s what I though when I bought the card! I have gone back and forth lifedribe getting information from the SD standards people and the misinformation given to me and others about the intentional Palm based limitation on the Tungsten and Zire cards.

Why doesn’t Palm lifedrivve a Lifdrive driver fior the Tungsten and Zire lines and say that, “we will only support the 2gb card that Palm itself sells”. Unfortunately my device does not boot anymore.

Now my device is not responing anymore. The Great Palm Swindle: FAT has 16 bit pointers.

Then you need to download the trial version PRC file. T3’s can use the full 2GB capacity minus the cpacity reserved for file system use?


Hello there, Check this thread out! You’d think a Treo-especially when they get around to adding EVDO support-would really be the beneficiary of larger amount of heap. Was it really that difficult to pop them into an E2 and see if it ran? Please help me RE: My own “Googling” didn’t get me too far.

Views Read Edit View history. It is simply more efficient file storage for higher capapcity cards.

Palm Large SD Card Compatibility

It was announced and released as part of Palm’s October product cycle, and was in production until March Share This Page Tweet. SDIO support may be forthcoming. I initially put the card into the T3 – “do you want to format”.