It does for a mobile internet machine, but the specs and screen size mean I really don’t think it could function as anyone’s sole computer unless their requirements are very rudimentary. The X is a stylish new netbook from LG, which offers stylish portability and optional 3G wireless for internet access anywhere you might venture. The only user-upgradable part inside the chassis is the hard drive, where most of the larger netbooks on the market offer at least socketed ram, some even open mini-PCIe slots. CNet The X is a very good netbook. You can read my take here.

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LG offers, according to its spec sheet, two different battery versions for the X After a few years, LG largely withdrew from the laptop sector.

In the smartphone segment, LG is a medium-sized manufacturer not among the Top 5 in and In the following editorial, you can discover where its strengths – but also its weak points are.

Optic, grade A; practice — well then… Already after taking of the protecting cover for the test, countless fingerprints were collected fast on the outer sides of the device. The speakers are on the underside of the casing where their sound was often muffled by my clothing or the desk on which the X was resting.

PC Advisor LG sees itself as a cool fashion brand, producing popular mobile phones under its own name and with Prada branding, some innovative flatpanel monitors and TVs – and in the LG Netbook Xm, a better-than-average netbook. Kensington Lock, power socket, 2x USB.


LG X – External Reviews

For an extended mobility, an upgrade of the battery should be considered at any rate. We were allowed to take a closer look at the sandwich alternative in the test.

The only deficiency of the input devices, as we see it, is the end to end touchpad key with a bit high of resistance and the dead zone in its middle area. Quality journalism is made possible by advertising. Unfortunately, we think they went too far with this, seeing that both the display lid as well as the case shell has been provided x10 a very sensitive high gloss finish.

LG X Netbook – Features built in 3G

Various netbook competitors offer at least double as much durability in this exercise, admittedly with a respective larger battery capacity. Since way before the wave of such things being trendy. The offered keyboard could also convince in the practical test. Smartphone makers are in a constant battle where battery life is concerned.

Therefore, it is advisable to x110 both hands to work the pad.

Single Review, online available, Short, Date: Due to the good display brightness as well as the matt display surface, the LG X is absolutely suitable for outdoor useeven surroundings with adversely bright light conditions.

The LG X is certainly a serious step up from the Dell Inspiron Mini 9 from Vodafone and on the basis of usability alone I’d swap lv an flash if I had the opportunity.

There were no surprises hidden in the built in 3f. Internal access to components for upgrading is restricted without access panels, which forces you to remove the entire back cover for any upgrades.


This should be barely ever achieved in the pg application areas of the netbook, though. Lenovo IdeaPad S10 1. The netbook remains practically silent except for quiet running noises from the hard disk.

LG X110 Review

Flagship 2-in-1 flirts with greatness. The key size, as well as the layout and 3h feeling speak for an even more intensive use of the keyboard.

Review LG X Netbook. Colors were clear and vibrant even with the matte texture screen. Its bandwidth is at the most enough to play Window system sounds, and even here you shouldn’t have the volume turned up to high. LG used automotive quality paint on the exterior shell of x1100 notebook, top and bottom, that is incredibly smooth and soft to the touch. The application of maximal 2 GB are also only possible here, which can have advantages in certain memory-heavy applications, for instance image editing or simply using more programs at once multitasking.

Surprisingly, the MSI Wind which has the same configuration and a 2.

Living with the Sony Vaio P – the return. Large display-sizes allow higher resolutions. The black gloss is contrasted with the bright white frame, keyboard, and screen trim.