The last case shows only 7 characters of the name, which will confuse you if the surnames are similar. That can cause troubles synchronizing with PC or other device. Three compression types – Super Fine, Fine, Normal. There is a general call list, 20 last entries from all the lists are summed up there. Karaoke function copies the other company models – that is a program that plays music and scrolls the text.

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Uploading new melodies and pictures makes no troubles, and the same for applications. The phones’ dimensions are more than average 94x48x25 mmthe device suits men hand better. If using integrated loudspeakers for listening to the music, you’ll have the battery life 40 percents less, gl is quite logical, since the energy consumption is almost twice higher.

This makes a serious difference from similar Samsung’s products. In capabilities the phonebook looses to the llg integrated into Nokia, Siemens, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Samsung devices. The last have a part of the screen always active and showing time with a line of icons. However, the last one works with some drawbacks.

There are several dictionaries for different languages and up to 6 editable templates. The volume of the tones polyphonic alert is high; it is well heard in various conditions, especially if an MP3 file is set as a call melody.

As the manufacturer claims, it can provide with up pg hours of standby time and up to 3 hours of talks. No other menu view is available, but fast navigation using number sequences is at your disposal.


Review GSM phone LG M

After the first number is entered, the second field is shown, and a third one after the second. Have something to add?!

The step is interesting and deserved attention, since in some time all the manufacturers will have to offer similar solutions due to strong competition. The manufacturer means a capability of video recording with no choice whether with sound or without it.

LG M4410 pictures

Later this clip is impossible to transfer to another device or use in the phone for instance, set as a screen wall-paper. From within this menu, users can access the phones MP3 player, Camera, view a slide show of their photographs and turn on a torch. The grown screen resolution left an imprint on the M’s interface. In saying this, it does cup quite well in your hands and feels well built and extremely sturdy. That can cause troubles synchronizing with PC or other device. The weight is gram, which also stresses it’s not for women.

Membership is m44110, and your security and privacy remain protected. A contact og can correspond with a photo only low-resolution photos, no automatic transformation is provided, they are not even shown in the list. Using the supplied headphones does relieve some of the pain, but really, they aren’t much better at all.


Both TV-clip and posters stress its similarity with a sport car.

That is OLED with a picture looking well, bright colours, but rather artificial, which is typical of this screen type. You can select of several general list views – only a name, name and a number, name 4m410 a photo. In particular, only a strictly preset folder structure is supported, you can’t create own folders, the device won’t see them that is mainly disappointing in the mp3 player.

It’s not extremely large, but it is quite bigger than a lot of other handsets currently on the market. However the fact they are present shows some lag of LG in introducing new models.

External memory is viewed separately. This is a combination of Tetris and a logic game.

LG M – Full phone specifications

Also a personal icon for m4401. The M also includes a 1. The cover has a slight backlash, which makes a careless impression of the phone in hands, low creaks appear.

A clip takes KB of the phone memory, which is m4410 poor anyway. Despite it still looses to the ones integrated into Sharp’s models and Motorola’s triplets, it still deserves the praise – rich colours, and colour conversions are seen, as well as tints.