Forums Knowledge Base Blogs. Before, all was ok with windows 8. Lenovo is committed to environmental leadership from operations to product design and recycling solutions. Maybe I’ll even test it out on my old T60, or T41, or T Can I still use the same. I’m sorry someotherguy but I have to step back in here. In my case, it helped to get it back working.

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Lenovo ThinkPad X61 Driver Download

Ok, my english is poor so thank you for your help. If you can’t get it working, let me know and I will see if I can write a similar guide just for these older systems lenovl the Authentec fingerprint reader. I went through the Windows 10 process and created the mandatory PIN for login it requires.

Register Sign In Help. I have reinstalled the TFP software and reenrolled the fingerprints to no avail.

I can go into setup a fingerprint and get stuck on the “swipe your finger” because it just will not sense a finger. Personal PIN setup as per step 5.


If you still need help, post a screenshot of what you see at those steps. More evidence Win10 is a pain.

I’ll give it a shot and report back. I am loading a copy of Windows 7 Enterprise on an X tablet, and Biomwtric just cannot seem to find the biometric coprocessor driver. Yesterday I found that I could alter the behaviour of the fingerprint reader by switching off its lights from within Win10 so instead of showing a unresponsive steady green LED when the laptop was powered off there would be no lights at all on the fingerprint reader – also ticked the remaining checkbox to always show power options in Lenovo Fingerprint reader software but none of that made fingerprint power on happen.


Win10 is such a pain.

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Bioketric Norton Removal Tool on Win7 before upgrade to Win10 – Interestingly Norton Removal Tool knocked out the fingerprint reader driver under Win7 so used Control Panel Device Manager to uninstall driver which prompted an automatic reinstall of the driver a further reboot and Foprocessor fingerprint power on and log in was back to normal – had NOT yet uninstalled Lenovo fingerprint software at that point – am pretty sure NRT knocked out the fingerprint reader once before on Win7 a couple leovo years ago.

For the laptop systems with Synaptics fingerprint, it is the same driver for all the different PIDs. The login screen has two options shown on the left. You must set a pin or Windows 10 login will fail regardless of whether you are using the built-in Windows 10 reader or the Lenovo software. AND tried out the pen to write onscreen also using the screen rotation buttons while converting into a Tablet BUT what seemed to get it working again was getting the Bluetooth light to go out and suddenly Power on by Fingerprint once again works!


Coprocedsor think i going to upgrade my T, or buy a T I7 to have this fonction This website uses cookies.


The fingerprint software is no longer needed, and should be uninstalled prior to upgrading to Windows Clicking the later does nothing and only the pin gets me in now. The supplier of that fingerprint sensor, Authentec, no longer exists. I was able to power on my machine after the upgrade before enrolling in Hello. Change to the Security page, and then select the Fingerprint item 4. Once you delete it and reboot, it will get reinitialized.

Fingerprint support on Windows 10 – ThinkPad T and newer – Lenovo Community

You only need a driver. In my case, it helped to get it back working. I have tried step 18 but nothing change. If you have this version of driver alreadyand it’s not working, lenkvo my next suggestion is to clear the fingerprint data in BIOS:.

Is there a way to make oenovo work? Should I follow to use T’s Fingerprint Software? As of July 31,this is a bug that we are working with Microsoft to solve. Message Edited by Simpol on I have this question too.