From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Express card slot on my X has been empty since I got it, just cannot think of what to do with it. I forgive them, because it’s such a great laptop. Lenovo is committed to environmental leadership from operations to product design and recycling solutions. Our results are shown below:. The X60 and X60s slimline differed primarily by their processors:

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Note that the X is equipped with a 9-cell battery, the X Tablet has an 8-cell battery, and the Xs is configured with a 6-cell battery. It is only compatible with the UltraBase series 3 “slice base”. The X’s original internal codename was Razor, after the then popular flip phone from Motorola.

The X41 tablet was designed by Lenovo. Average time is weeks.

Lenovo ThinkPad X201 Review

The Xe is a laptop designed for the education market and it comes in three versions: The ThinkPad Xe was released in March I have tried it but can’t get it to work. Archived from the original on Also purchased an Expresscard-USB3.

Colors appeared faded and weak while black levels felt washed out. Retrieved 22 June Multimedia enthusiasts will enjoy streaming P Flash video through YouTube or decoding downloaded P movies with barely making the notebook break a sweat. The specifications [13] of the most common models the laptop are given below:. I do not know the answer, but The backlight brightness of all three notebooks was plenty bright to be viewable in an office setting.


A touch screen was available for this model. Retrieved 15 August The driver CD that came with it just has folders with a lot of different drivers and I don’t know pcmciz one to use.

ThinkPad X series

It also turns out that the low-voltage Core i7 processors are slower than the Core i5 processor we testedmaking things even more confusing for the average consumer who might be purchasing a notebook on model numbers alone. The ThinkPad Helix was released as an option for corporate IT buyers who were looking for the power of a high-end Ultrabook and mobility lenovi a tablet.

As another cost-reducing measure, the Xi was not offered with an IPS display option. It has a durable case fitted with rubber bumpers and thickened plastic case components, in order to improve its durability. Message 3 of 5. I am not even sure that ViDock 4 x21 Expresscard 2.

Yes the X supports the 2. The pcmciq touchpad is odd to see at first it is about half the height of a normal touchpadbut you get used to it really quick.


The screen is a The ThinkPad X has a Broadwell processor. What I have found is a top Xs and a couple of mobos for X The first X Series laptops were “slimmer than a deck of cards” and “lighter than a half-gallon of milk”, despite the presence of a I purchased one for myself, and pcjcia for my laptop’s twin my father’s laptop.

ExpressCard slot – ThinkWiki

Some models shipped with the Intel Core 2 Duo L clocked at 1. This way I don’t plug one hard drive dock into a USB 3.

The tablet offered the same specifications as the X laptop, in terms of processorgraphics, and RAM. The laptop was less than an inch thick, making it the thinnest ThinkPad available at the time. Someone did a hands on with the tablet version of the x