RE sticky touch screen? Pocketables gets the SC3. HP Elitebook G2. It definitely drove me nuts while I was writing a legal document on it last Christmas. Please also let us know how you get on — any info on where you find drivers would be very useful…. How to survive with 32 GB. Kohjinsha SC3 Specifications, images and news.

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Sure enough I was right. Kohjinsha Click for Kohjinsha products. Have played around a little bit with XP and have found it alot better so far.

It helps to keep the device looking smart. If the touchscreen is heavy, it might make a nice mobile tablet solution for inkers.

Recommended Reading 11 inch laptops. Also what is the answer to the keymapping question? Please also let us know how you get on — any info on where you find drivers would be very useful…. Anyway, I was just able to generate and install the poulsbo windows xp drivers using the linked IEGD 9.

Kohjinsha never fail to impress, plus its a good move to make two devices that have different specs to satisfy wider range of customers.


See this news item for images and export pricing info from Japan. Lenovo Ideapad Flex Its a device you can keep near and put into the smallest of bags.

Full SX specs through this translation link. I agree that drivers improvements will help. SD card slot, good build quality with high quality buttons and synaptics mouse pointer. I mean having vista and office and any other productivity sw I have some trading sw and quicken myself in a pack this tiny zc light is just amazing.

Vye to bring KJS/Kohjinsha to Europe with XP and 3G

My old Flipstart can last almost 4 hours kobjinsha a single charge and over 3 hours even with Wifi enabled. Sf the hardware works incl the Kohjinsha utils. But as the Fujitsu U has demonstrated in the past, the excessive double-mapping of essential keys can be enough to drive you batty at times. Kohjinsha SC3 news and review updates.

Slightly poor battery life of The SX achieves better battery life simply by being able to house a 3-cell battery.

We will not changing the problems with the kohjinshha life time, but new driver can change the Video and 3D problems. Much better than a split keyboard or a thumbpad. And if the purpose is web browsing, then why not getting another cheaper HW that you can browse with??


Both devices were capable of so much more in the battery life department. A good balance between mobility and productivity.

Kohjinsha takes Silverthorne Option for New SX and SC models.

Kohjinsha Kohjinshq Specifications, images and news. Acer Aspire E11 ES1. Kohjinsha are quoting 3. Im assumoing you will be keeping it and then selling as you probably had to pay tax.

Kohjinsha to launch as SC in Korea. (AKA SC3 in Japan)

Looks like Kohjinsha could have hit a home run with this, but ended up hitting a bloop single. The keyboard is fine. The SC3 is built on what is potentially the worlds most efficient X86 computing platform and its designed to be one of the kohjinssha, most mobile notebook-style devices you can think of.