I wish USC would carry them. The T’s model just came out a few years ago. I get and error reading of “Unable to open Com 2” and then transmission error on Com2:! I just cut letter that were. I really, really, really like this program!!! Great little cutter, great price. Drivers marked with are not yet contained in the current release of CoCut or were changed quite recently.

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When I send the cut in seikitedh steps you posted. If not it may be wired wrong as the vast majority sold as serial cables in shops are Modem cables not Serial printer cables needed for a cutter. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

I just cut letter that were. I don’t see this on the cutting list or is there something out there to help me. Posted June 8, If you are using the serial cable to connect to the PC and it connects into a physical port on the back of the PC it will probably be COM1.

Click Add a printer at the top of Devices and Printers http: If you are using the USB cable connection it depends what it is, for a virtual serial port type check device manager for the port. The name of the downloaded. This would be useful!


Install Vinyl Cutter as a Printer for CorelDRAW, AutoCAD etc

Hi add this cutter driver using add remove cutters Jiachen SeikiTech SKH Then place something on screen goto Cut then the cut tab, Select the Jiachen click setup, If you know the com port change to the correct one but alter the max sheet size width to mm or if you are using inches 54″.

I’m in the UK. By boostedJune 8, in Competitor Cutter Help. No need to be fancy, just an overview. Once again these are not new. I got one last week from a friend for free, didn’t expect it to work at all.

What is my year model? I must say I am impressed, it is quieter and seems to be more accurate than my Pcut. Competitor Cutter Help Search In. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates.

Flexi has the drivers for Seiki.


If the port number is more than 10, and windows does not print without any error after you installed printer, http: To install as printer, recommend you use ” USB 2. Try different communication settings for dk-720h in Signgo. With marked drivers are for flatbed milling machines and engraving machines and only included as base drivers. I used the masterxy something or another drivers.


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I bought a blade holder and a usb to serial cable radio shack and just put everything together tonite. Our new printer driver is also support blade offset compensation and close compensation at “Printing Preferences”. If this thing keeps cutting like this the pcut might be for sale soon. To test the driver remove the blade holder from your sejkitech and watch to see if it traces out the correct outlines.

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Mine was similar to my Master not crazy loud but def. Looking through the SignBlazerElements UK list of machines, nothing in there shows “Seiki” skt — what’s the alternative cutter brand name to use for it?