Would they have woolly or boomy bass in my smallish listening room? The stereo channels cannot be strapped together to provide even more power. The Conrad Johnson has these qualities also, but it seems to be too muted, too “shelved down” to have emotional impact. The instrument placement seemed very explicit. In late night sessions, with the smooth jazz I adore, the combination was jaw-dropping startlingly fantastic, as few Gifts Of The Gods systems can be. The four drivers are proprietary: It is a small 18th Century red brick carriage house seating up to people for dinner and a show.

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The Jaton, however, is made by a company based in the United States which may be a plus for audik nervous about longevity. Three way floorstanding loudspeaker Driver Compliment: I will do the same at times but also really enjoy recreating the music as accurately and realistically as possible, sometimes very loudly.

On Enjoy the Music. Sometimes that is all that some tweaking audiophiles are looking for: Compared to the Conrad Johnson, it had better mid-range, high frequencies and transients, but seemed weaker in sub and mid-bass.

January Enjoy the Music. Everything Old is New Again. Decay The Operetta and A3 combo certainly sustain notes as long as anyone might wish. It is easy to describe what the A3 Mundorf tweeter is not.


It is just another black box, with a shining blue read-out panel and sapphire eye. The listeners used most of Enjoy the Music.

Jaton Operetta a Class A/B Amplifier – First Look –

It is on the rear, between the input cords. W e know that most loudspeakers require an enormous amount of energy. I preferred tube jatkn with the Jatons.

The result was an absolutely unsatisfactory, “tunneled” sound. Originally I thought my amplifiers were not enough to drive the A3s, so Jaton sent their new Operetta amplifier and pre-amplifiers. If the initial listening tests are any indication, this could be a serious contender.

On the Enjoy the Music. Soundscape depth behind speakers. It also rocks when played through the Jaton in comparison with the Forte. In late night sessions, with the smooth jazz I adore, the combination was jaw-dropping startlingly fantastic, as few Gifts Of The Gods systems can be.

It allows extended listening sessions with multiple components. Cardas for the tweeter and midrange drivers, AQ for the woofers. The Ref 5 had no disturbing artifacts.

Jaton Operetta 2300a Class A/B Amplifier – First Look

The Jaton APA it comes in black, too, as you can see has a tight yet hefty bottom end, a transparent articulate midrange, delicate highs, razor sharp imaging, and is dead silent when there is nothing to play. Jatoh Enjoy the Music.


I am curious as to what the new version will sound like, and will be keeping an eye on their future products. Yet, I would generalize the X treble as more of a cowbell clang than the triangle ring of the Operetta. Neither can I describe A3 treble as sweet. It’s not annoying and just as raspy as it sounds through headphones. An audio club is an ideal alternative to few local dealers and distant trade shows.

Equipment Review – Jaton Real A&V Loudspeakers (1/)

I was particularly drawn into the experience instead of my mind wandering off in different directions. Oskar Heil invented the AMT. Tonality Nothing I threw at it was out of the Jayon league. Singer and musicians displayed in a realistic sound stage, just not forward, in front of the speakers.