The speed simply cannot be matched by any internal hard drive configuration on a MacBook Pro. It is not useful to perform a random access across the entire drive. Read performance of the XM is exceptional. After the firwmare update, the X25M achieves a blistering-fast At only 80GB Mainstream capacity, and is the drive that Apple ships for its GB option in the late MacBook Pro though Apple has been known to use multiple suppliers.

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Except for the DiskTester create-files and read-files tests, the other tests detailed below were performed when booted off the Thank you for purchasing through links and ads on this site. Among the hard drives, the Seagate Momentus Read speeds tend to say consistently high except in cases of severe fragmentation.

Understanding Compressible vs Incompressible Data Page 3: Get adequate memory and forget about it: Writes with the Intel X25M are not as fast as with alternatives like the Crucial M seriesbut performance still remains very high in a real world situation because there is no seek time or latency with an SSD, and speed is constant across the entire capacity, unlike a hard drive.

In JanuaryApple introduced the 17″ unibody MacBook Pro with an optional GB solid state drive will display as gigabytes when formatted. Understanding Compressible vs Incompressible Data Page 3: A gigabyte as used in all reviews on this site is defined as X X or 1,, bytes. See Optimizing Developer Builds.


Intel SSD XM and XE ” Serial ATA – SATA Solid State Drives

On the second and subsequent fill-volume tests, read and write speed remained all but unchanged, very impressive. View prices on SSD.

The maven build is more sensitive to write speed, and here the Hitachi Travelstar eked out 1-second win over the XM! Reconditioning a solid state drive SSD Page 6: I recently bought an intel xm 80 gb drive for my mac mini. Certain deals may last longer.

Intel X25-M G2 160GB solid state drive (SSD)

In typical Apple fashion, you must buy the 17″ model to get it; the 15″ model offers only the GB option. Please type your message and try again.

C25-m Copy Cloner was used to duplicate a small 24GB system from an external Firewire lntel onto a The Intel XM offers substantial speedups for these commands, but of course the Mac OS X cache neutralizes the advantage once files have been read into the cache the first time so long as there is unused system memory.

The machine will feel very quick with the Intel XM, for short bursts at least. Please see the other SSD reviews using the menu at top right. It is provided for general information only and should not be relied upon as complete or accurate.


intel xm on a mac. maintanance tips? |Intel Communities

What are the factors contributing to that? Reconditioning a solid state drive SSD Page 6: Real-world tasks should be given top priority as far as evaluating performance; benchmarks are useful but do not necessarily reflect real-world performance for specific tasks—and that is what really matters: This is the unit everyone is excited about. Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page. Yet if its write speed matched its read speed, the Finder copy test would take around 34 seconds, or half the time it currently takes.

View prices on SSD.

Is it true when disk gets full the response time decreases? If a formatted capacity of For your convenience, the View mca below take you to OWC for specifications. The X25M uses so little power it is effectively zero compared to a hard drive. This test used diglloydMediumwhich generates a At only 80GB