For example, enter the following command to unmount logical volume lvol1: Overview of the SDD 3. Use the cmquerycl HP command to create the cluster configuration file. This means that no reserve needs to be broken in response to a node failure, and hence any requirement on breaking reserves is removed. If this is a new installation, ensure that there is a single connection from your host to your storage. Trace ID 5A7 traces routine entry, exit, and error paths of the algorithm.

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For example, enter the following command to unmount logical volume lvol1: This edition applies to the following versions of IBM Multipath Devuce Device Driver and to all subsequent releases and modifications until otherwise indicated in new editions: There are some optional features, separately licensed e.

Multipath support for hosts running the Linux operating system

To add extra paths that are attached to a fibre-channel adapter or a SAS adapter, to existing available devices, enter: Enter the following command to remove the volume group vgibm: However, at least two paths to each node are recommended.

Furthermore, if some devices are owned by controller A and some devices are owned by controller B, the set adapter offline command might cause some devices to fail over from controller Usbsystem to controller B and some devices to fail over from controller B to controller A.


If you do not specify y, the command repeats indefinitely every x seconds. In the following example, the output shows that one HBA is installed: Use smitty to uninstall the ibm If this function is enabled, SDDPCM tests opened paths and reclaims failed paths based on the value that is set in the following device healthcheck attribute: Select Install Software to Local Host.

MPIO and SDDDSM dynamic pathing

Use the vp2hd script to convert volume groups from volume groups containing SDD vpath devices to volume groups containing cxtxdx devices.

Determine the major number of the logical volume device. Active The number of functional paths that are attached to this target port. This capability prevents a single failing bus adapter on the host system, SCSI or fibre-channel cable, or host-interface adapter on the disk storage system from disrupting data access.

From the Bar menu, click Actions Remove analysis. Removes the SDD vpath devices from the configuration. SCSI behavior change for Spectrum Virtualize Spectrum Virtualize is enhanced to issue an asymmetric access state changed unit attention 30 seconds before a graceful shutdown of a node on any volumes that are accessed through the node that is shutting down.

That is, non-hacmp nodes should be prevented by hardware from accessing the shared LUNs.

Paths on the preferred controller 2. For example, to FTP the vgvpath1.


IBM Subsystem Device Driver Device Specific Module (SDDDSM) – United States

The mapfile serves as input to vgimport; When the mapfile is used with the s option, the volume group specified in the mapfile can be shared with the other systems in the high availability cluster. The following procedures do not apply to RSSM devices.

On a Windows Server server: The syntax for hd2vp script is as follows: To determine if the stand-alone version of the SDD server is installed on your host system, enter: Verifying subsjstem adapter firmware level: Any limitation exists on the host operating system. State Mode Select Errors Paths The condition of the named target port, which can be one of the following types: SMIT responds with the following message: You must specify -primary or -adoptive.

This ensures that HACMP will activate the appropriate access controls on the shared disk before applications have a chance to modify the access controls. The Install Software panel is displayed. Indicates the logical paths and whether the path is preferred and nonpreferred.