The device path used in the example above is a typical value. In case you were wondering, on the Mac, a right click is a two-finger tap. You might want to try: By default the middle mouse button is just that, a middle mouse button, which in Linux is used for the Paste operation. The cap is red on ThinkPads, but is also found in other colours on other machines. It seems some people used tendon flex to improve pointing- we found this looked like overshoot and we had trouble making the adaptive algorithms stable in the time box we gave it.

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Some distributions now support the new Xorg hotplug configuration method via xorg. The pointing stick is positioned such that the hands do not need to be removed from the home row to manipulate the mouse pointer.

You can find an updated version of the trackponit in the experimental branch of Debian or try to build the mouse driver yourself with the information in the announcement. We read about overshoot in joysticks.

IBM TrackPoint II 92G Wired Keyboard | eBay

Now restart X and hold down button 2 and move the mouse to scroll, or just press and release button 2 for a middle click. Also, at the time, it was a nice contrast to the stark geometry of this box.

You may configure it to act in the same way as in Windows, such that you can use it for vertical scrolling: Trackpolnt before you get started on this you should make sure you have all the updates applied from your distro vendor as both Ubuntu 8.

Ib, process of getting the pointing device into the Yamato project was the end of a lot of stories I won’t enumerate here … more difficult demonstrations and meetings and pressure from the top IBM brass, more help from the bottom, more obstacles everywhere.


For distributions that are lagging a bit e. Steve Ih de put numerous improvements into the drivers all the time. Personally, I thought that product was kind of cool.

I showed the pointing stick to the design team in Armonk- one Richard Saper gave me 1 minute, he tried to draw a circle – we had optimized for text editing – he said it can’t draw a circle and walked out… We learned to stop optimizing for text editing and Saper became an important supporter and even chose the color red for what would be called the TrackPoint.

File mover What files trackpint be renamed? At that time a student at Stanford started trying to prototype it based on my ideas but it was time to go off to Atari.

It was one of the scariest moments ever.

It was also incredibly efficient, as everything that goes into a laptop is generally square. But, it was also extremely powerful.

Touchpad vs. Trackpoint

And Synaptics has done an incredible job, year after year, of harnessing the touchpad functionality in useful, usable ways. These were beautiful – trackkpoint and clean but they needed to be grounded out to have a stable beginning to their excursion. And wow, the force control didn’t get much better beyond 8 oz of pressure. So, why would it start out doing better? So I didn’t work on it till a math department colleague Joe Rutledge who wanted to break out of the math world chose it as the idea I had he wanted to collaborate on.

This is because a user’s finger may run off the edge of a touchpad while positioning the pointer, requiring them to reposition their finger in order to continue.


These options are current as of kernel version 2. People had theories hrackpoint it was the fact that rate control was the derivative of position that made position control superior. No one cared that they were expens ive. Joe had programmed on the Eniac in the early ‘s and built many things in his life.

We called this the eye tracking speed, though we never took the time to get eye tracking equipment for this project to measure a person’s ballistic eye motions. I went about thinking of places to put a pointing device that the hand could nab from the home row position… I tried in front of the keyboard … and yes made a mechanical claptrap that year that had X and Y excursion to trackpooint this.

In the early s, Zenith Data Systems shipped a number of laptop computers equipped with a device called ” J-Mouse “, which essentially used a special keyswitch under the J key to allow the J keycap to be used as a pointing stick. Views Read View source View history.

How to configure the TrackPoint – ThinkWiki

I saw both of those posts but does this mean I got my tracing wrong? This has successfully been tried with FC3’s 6.

We made an electormechanical design used by one special user. It has a dish because your finger is curved, so yrackpoint has a self-centering quality. You can manually reactivate the trackpoint by reloading the psmouse module as root:.