Also add in the same lines underneath the section [Google. Saltsaint June 12, , 7: Close the text editor. The reason why you are getting errors with the google 2 way auth could be because of an old version of the google apps. SOme file links are broken on rootzwiki, so have to download from elsewhere!!! Monday, February 27,

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I can’t even make it past installing a zip page. If you’re really hardcore, there are now CM9 Nighty Builds.

I am trying to do this install. I found a lot of informative stuff in your article. Tuesday, February 28, 6: When you have a touchstone charger you dont use the side port on the pad for those who didnt know.

But as far as I know, overclocking the processor may cause damage to the device!

[Q] Problem with Touchpad usb mounting

It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality. I go to devices, reset, restart.


Now take the Micro USB plug that came with the Touchpad, plug it into the wall outlet adapter, and plug it into your Touchpad. However, there is no Cyangenmod option on my boot screen. Assuming hhp have cm If it asks for super user permissions, allow it.

Open the new drive for your TouchPad in Windows Explorer and make a folder “cminstall”. I have 20 apps and dont need more. You can follow the nightly builds on Twitter and read more on their thread and also in the unofficial thread in the forums.

How to Install Android on Your HP TouchPad Using OS X

It actually sub me feel somehow “dirty. If the Found New Hardware Wizard is closed, then you can unplug the tablet. Rockmiro April 5,8: If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Tuesday, February 28, 3: I have problems with sound in lots of apps and the ever-present status bar at the yp is a PITA in some cases, but, sigh, it is likely inevitable that this will become my “everyday” tablet OS.


How to Install Android on Your HP TouchPad Using OS X

Assuming you do want to install the Google Apps, download the file here and keep it handy. Also add in the same lines underneath the section [Google. I hook the Touchpad up to the computer when the touchpad is in WebOS. I’m guessing I will have to convince to reinstall it then.

This looks like a great article. Wednesday, August 08, 7: Select USB Drive mode. I wanted to see if taking over toufhpad hardware and putting Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich would make the TouchPad even more useful.

Jason February 24,7: May 14, 3, 1, Michele July 1,6: I love my modded touchpad like hsb good folks do as well. I assume you’re in the US, so std vac outlets?