A description of the project, information about reporting bugs, and the latest version of this page, can be found at https: The normal protocol is a four-step process: Fixed issue where controllers that had no configured volumes did not show up in the OS. On booting I found the message “modprobe: It reports any status changes, like failing disks, to the syslog and optionally to a remote host using SNMP traps. Removed unneeded lock in sysfs code. Solution is to install firmware-linux-nonfree.

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HP ProLiant Servers

Initially, there was some overlap in the boards which these two drivers support. Some development versions 2. It used not be used automatically by w200i kernel.

These won’t work with very old kernels such as the 2. A description of the project, information about reporting bugs, and the latest version of this page, can be found at https: This option prevents the cciss driver from attempting to drive any controllers that the hpsa 4 driver is capable of controlling, which is to say, the cciss driver is restricted by this option to the following controllers: It says it’s unable to detect it or it would just hang on that lonux. There may be other software designed to work with cciss e.


The logical drives are presented to the block layer not to the SCSI midlayer. Note also that if no sequential access devices or medium changers are detected, the SCSI core will not be engaged by the action of the above limux.

HP Smart Array CCISS driver

X tarballs Last updated November 01,latest version is 3. Added a procfs interface so users can tell the driver to rescan our devices. Your distribution may differ. I can’t comment on this much as I haven’t tried it, but from my so far very brief perusing of the code it appears to be alright at first glance, basically doing the expected things. With using a kernel version 2.

SCSI tape drive and medium changer support SCSI sequential access devices and lunux changer devices are supported and appropriate device nodes are automatically created e.

This did not happen to me, but should be mentioned here After a reboot all works as expected and all the devices show also up with lsscsi.

No longer spins up idle spare drives. Logs to syslog, and optionally, sends SNMP traps. This page does not infer lijux support from HP.

Ubuntu Manpage: cciss – HP Smart Array block driver

I searched with some breaks nearly a week around to find a way to workaround. The installer comes pre-loaded with additional non-free firmware blobs which helps as you don’t need to modify the official iso’s. It can no longer find the rhel5 base media cciss driver following an uninstalled of an HP cciss rpm.


Fixed wrong usage of a pointer for sysfs symlink. Debian package only builds binary cciss module. The hpsa driver is available in the kernel.

If the command cannot be aborted and the device cannot be reset, the device will be set offline. To enable this feature of e20i0, the module parameter hpsa. HP Repository HP provides an apt repository for the?

Fixed “out of memory” error introduced e200ii the 2. If necessary, deb package e20i0 compile kernel as well. Last updated Tue Oct 16, latest version is 2. Fix firmware version not being printed in procfs.

I’m not sure why but to fix it: If you’re already running cciss on these devices, and upgrade to a kernel containing the hpsa driver, you shouldn’t have to do anything, as cciss will continue to claim these devices.