This can still be a hellish drive load, if there are squillions of little files being accessed, or database tasks being done that also require lots of drive flogging but little data output. Please register, and get one. This option requires no OS understanding. The wire ATA modes definitely give them that. Please help us maintain a helpfull driver collection. When any drama that requires a spare or a swap happens, the RocketRAID uses an on-board alarm beeper to tell you something’s amiss. But it will bring the array’s minimum performance up to about the same full-bandwidth mark, because even the slower inner tracks can saturate ATA when you’ve got four drives going at it.

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Finally my PC got up to speed! But if any drive in the stripe-set dies, you lose the data that was on it.

HighPoint Rocket S – storage controller – ATA – PCI Overview – CNET

Hence, the frequent references to the limit being “a bit more than Gb”, which confuse the heck out of people who thought it all started with powers of two, which wouldn’t leave you with such a weird number at the end of the address space. Mirroring is still perfectly sensible for data protection, and using RAID to get really big contiguous storage blocks is a valid aim too, but don’t expect Microsoft Office or Tribes 2 to suddenly accelerate to Warp 9.

This is two times as likely to happen to the four drive array than to a plain two drive mirror, but the chance of it happening thanks to genuine drive failure as opposed to drives being zapped by a faulty PSU, smashed when the computer’s knocked off a table, stolen, burned in a housefire But consumer RAID controllers don’t support RAID 3 or 5 at all, because you need quite a bit of computing power to work out the parity data on the fly.


The vast majority of PC users are more than adequately served by the four-drive capacity rockket any old motherboard. The RocketRAID won’t help if you don’t have sufficient spare system gighpoint to install two new IDE adapters, though, because it looks to the computer like two disk controllers.

TV and Movies by Joan E. Lose any two drives and you’re sunk.

You’ll know if you want it. This can still be a hellish drive load, if there are squillions of little files being accessed, or database tasks being done that also require lots of drive flogging but little data output.

HighPoint Rocket 133S – storage controller – ATA-133 – PCI

The hot-swap function requires hot-swap-compatible IDE drive cradles to be installed in the computer; you can’t just be yanking internal drives out with the computer running. You can get server motherboards with a couple of 64 bit 66MHz slots on them for only about highpoibt the price of a normal consumer board, but RAID cards to suit them, and SCSI drives to suit themare what’ll break the bank.

And those people are interested in RAID. There are other prefixes that people are allegedly meant to use when they’re talking about base-two numbers kibibyte, mebibyte, gibibyte This option requires no OS understanding.

Gigabit Ethernet, however, is no longer just for the rich kids. But if you’re a hard drive manufacturer, you specify everything in nice round powers of ten, because that makes drives look bigger.

Docket size accounts for some of the SCSI price premium, but highopint quality is a factor too.

HighPoint Rocket S ATA Driver v Storage driver download

But consumer RAID controllers all work fine with separate drives; that’s their default behaviour, if you leave their setup utility completely alone. It’s part of the conversation, not trying to get a word in edgeways.


Any faster than that and, problem the first, the drives will tend to run warm enough that they need their own forced air cooling, which they can’t get in almost all PC cases. Lose either data drive and the remaining one, plus the data on focket parity drive, gives you enough information to rebuild it.

Installation Manager Success Stats: Most people aren’t going to be doing that often enough that there’s any point worrying about it, but some people are. This isn’t Gb, of course. We break it down.

HighPoint RocketRAID 404 and Rocket 133S IDE controller cards

The maximum sustained transfer rate that a regular two-connector ATA RAID controller with just two decently fast striped drives, accessing their outer tracks, can possibly manage, is around the 70 megabytes per second mark; maybe a bit more.

Data is striped over two or more drives so that when you write to them, the first one gets the first chunk of data, then the next contiguous chunk goes to the next drive, and so on, until the number of drives in the “stripe-set” is exhausted and the write returns to the first drive.

People focket buy super-fast SCSI drives have to keep them happy with suitable air flow. This card doesn’t just speak ATA; it’ll also work with drives with capacities above “Gb”.

Phones by Shara Tibken Dec 6, RAID 3 is a stripe-set with parity. It’s basically the opposite of partitioning.