Gain one-touch control over in-game elements like chat clients, music, voice morphing and more. This value is mainly responsible for the perceived distance and elevation of the soundstage. Logitech Logitech Pro Computer Webcams. The amount of time it takes for a headphones’ battery to be completely drained. Product information Technical Details. Logitech G product ratings 4.

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Shows how extended the bass is.

I would suggest them making the joints much stronger, logtech some metal rotational joints or at the very least make the material around them much stronger. Also, as it is common with most closed-back headphones, wearing glasses could break the seal on them and cause a significant drop in bass.

I ordered a refurbished set of gs as I did not want to spend 90 dollars for a new pair again. To make the loitech more perceptually relevant, more weight is given to the higher frequencies.

For active headphones that connect wirelessly, have noise cancellation or other audio-enhancing features, that cease to work once the battery is dead. All headphones logitec active features have a battery that will deplete over time.

Logitech G930

But g93 is negligible since using it at the end of its range is not what you’re aiming to do usually. The tighter the headphones, the more force they put on your head. It sounds great overall, wireless range is decent, it can cut out a lot near wireless routers though.


Also, headset has 3 additional buttons that you can map to trigger specific commands, which is great and not available for most gaming headphones. When watching videos a high latency can cause sync issues between the images you see and the audio you hear. How accurately the audio is reproduced. When an even and stable stereo image, as well as a low manufacturing tolerance, is desired.

If you don’t want to be limited by the length of an audio cable. Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest.

G Wireless Gaming Headset – Logitech

It does not always work right, and if you’re on Windows 7 and I would presume Vista and 8 have this issue as well you need to launch the program as admin for it to realize your headset is even plugged in if VAC is on. Over-emphasis sounds forward and boxy.

Anyway I used my old original pair till my new ones came in. Don’t have an account? I gave it 3 Stars instead of something less due to headset works fine for those things. When a true reproduction of the stereo image is desired. Headphones with higher excitation values, similar to openness, logitedh to have soundstages that are perceived as more open and spacious. How long it takes for audio to h930 through your headphones once the audio signal has been sent from a source.

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Converted to Test Bench 1. For all devices with a line out. To continue using the active features of your headphones. The microphone quality was shocking after ruling out all other possibilities. The G are slightly more customizable thanks to the Logitech Gaming Software and programmable buttons on the ear cups.

Get to Know Us. The keys are conveniently located on the left earpiece for quick access and you can customise each control, thanks to the easy-to-use Logitech Gaming Software.

The higher the value, the larger the perceived size of the soundstage. Updated Oct 16, Logitech G product ratings 4. If the headset was removed and the earpiece was allowed to rotate inward the headset would automatically shut off.