Ergonomics on the B1 are excellent the touch-pad making control very easy and if Wibrain reach the their stated target of 6-hours browsing time, it’s going to be an excellent mobile device. Follow the steps from the guy above.. Weight seems acceptable – gms Viliv X70 EX , 7. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. For the direction of the pointing device, I had realized that before I installed the pointing device driver, the pointer was fine and so I uninstall the driver from the programs and it works well thanks a lot Jebaraj. Which is appropriate for the fastest in memory program no file writing to disk: If anybody has some ideas please help me , thanks in advance, jebaraj.

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The rear-mounted touch panel and mouse buttons should improve Windows usage although we would want to test that before recommending a buy.

Not certain I know what it is. Jebaraj, this happened to wondows on the U It is quite nice actually and seems to run faster than Vista. I used the u windows 7 version on my u and seems to work. I could not get the Auto-Rotation feature to work.


Installing Windows 7 on Fujitsu U or U [UMPC] –

People who is thinking to upgrade from windows vista, dont do it, its terrible. That is until I hibernated my system after using the bluetooth headphones. I am not able to calibrate the screen as many pen presses for the points on the R side of the screen are not recognised.

Video review qindows the U Netbook Navigator Nav 77. Thanks for this page — very helpful!

My experience was a bit different. Well I finally got all the drivers installed but opted out of installing the fingerprint scanner — disabled it. I had to install the Fujitsu Touch Panel drivers.

Archos 7 GB7. But people here seem to be running Win7.

Installing Windows 7 on Fujitsu U810 or U1010 [UMPC]

Try the official drivers: Install windows 7 fresh! Also…not sure if u10110 or not but occasionally have similar issue with some USB portable hard drives. I just used your files and instructions and Windows 7 works great! Hi EliasB, thank you very much for the information.


For workaround see here: Do you know how to reinstall it? FMV-U Specifications, images and news. Would anyone have the disks I eindows download?

Thanks Andre, and EliasB!! But I am not going to restart my system every-time I want to use my headphones.

The touch-pointer and keyboard help to make the learning curve short. Fujistsu U ships with 5-hours battery. ELiasB, Thanks much for the info.

Fujitsu Lifebook U FMV-U specifications and information.

To circumvent this problem, just start y1010 setup in Vista compatibility mode: Im so happy, thanks very much for the post. The error message was from the Fujitsu Rotation Utility. Hello Ronny, follow my installation steps, and everything will run. Anyone trying to do this…worked for me only after following EB instructions exactly even the odd install, then uninstall, instruct.