Portable chemical contamination control device used to detect directly chemical agents in the form of vapor, aerosols, dust and with the S4PE in the form of liquid. It will last up to 11 hours with the battery belt plugged in. General sales and rental conditions AFAQ. Click for full image. Features High image quality Precision non-contact temperature measurement Visual and thermal imaging Text and voice annotation Auto-focus Ergonomic, lightweight and portable Wireless communication High speed image download Fully radiometric JPEG storage Software for professional inspection reporting They are available for sale or hire. The cameras are commonly used to measure the heat loss in buildings, to improve efficiencies in

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Inspectahire Instrument Company address and contact details.

Infrared Camera, IR resolution x pixels, Spatial resolution 1. Standard close up thermal imaging of the PCB chip taken with thermaxam scientific thermal imagers. The cameras are commonly used to measure the heat loss in buildings, to improve efficiencies in This is a rare opportunity to score big on a low cost Thermal Microscope system.

Under the thermal microscope you thermqcam clearly see the space between the jaws. ENVIROPRO hosts the widest array of supplier details on the market, supported by case studies, articles and learning materials to help you identify the best solution for your project.


Portable clamp-on flow meter of choice for servicing and maintenance activities, measurement ready flirr less than 5 minutes, See PDF for more informations.

With its Drag and Drop capabilities you will be able to make your Excel and Word Documents much quicker. Go to Supplier website. RayCAm cameras are ideal for preventive or predictive maintenance in the electrical, electronic filr mechanical industrial and tertiary sectors, as well as for building inspections, education and engineering.

It will last up to 11 hours with the battery belt plugged in. You cannot see the space with your bare eyes.

FLIR ThermaCam SC1000/UltraCam 390 Scientific Thermal Imager

FLIR i7 thermographic cameras. The SC infrared camera is so easy to operate with its user-friendly buttons. You can see that. Click for full image. Offering x pixel images and full screen radiometric temperature measurements makes it best in class. Follow Inspectahire Instrument Company.

Flir Infrared Camera ThermaCam EX320 in Case Works 100

Interested in this product? This cooled mid wavelength thermal sensor is ultra exotic and found only in high end laboratory imagers and top of the line super long range military imaging systems.

It is a powerful infrared inspection system that has been ergonomically designed to maximise the efficiency and productivity of the professional thermographer. Thermographic cameras produce images of invisible infrared or thermal energy and provide non-contact temperature measurements.


Thermographic cameras Inspectahire Instrument Company. Particle Counter features, Six channels and a particle size range of 0. Log in Quick search: More temperature measurement by Inspectahire Instrument Company View all. The ability to perform thermal infrared microscopy is extremely rare and the FLIR UltraCam thermal microscope is the pinnacle of this technology. Rentals of this high technology gear are also available.

The amazing design and performance of the germanium microscope lens allows you to get in super tight on the smallest of elements.

Flir Systems – Flir ThermaCAM T

Quick testing of earth loops. Also by Inspectahire Instrument Company. In the above image you can get a sense of the spatial resolution thermacaj the Thermal Microscope.

With its compact design and the versatility of this device you will be getting your work done a lot faster than before. Rental Prices Price excl. Integrated eyepiece is also included.

IP 54, Battery life: