It took a while, but I did the overkill version of checking: Intel Iris Pro Graphics The performance is very consistent in DirectX mode. The recording software, Fraps, does not run with Mantle mode so we were forced to use the internal benchmark, which is far from optimal. Thankfully, there is an easy fix: Message 12 of 49 7, Views. If it is not, a clean uninstall of all previous drivers and reinstall of the latest working one for your card might be necessary.

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November That worked for me!

inquiisition Stutters — This game is very likely to stutter and have poor frame rates. Save this text file to your Desktop if possible 9.

Independent journalism is made possible by advertising. Playing around with the settings, I noticed the following always checked the inventory screen: Copy the link of the page in your post, along with a precise description of your issue.

However, in our experience, this boost comes in exchange for longer load times.

Dragon Age: Inquisition system requirements | Can I Run Dragon Age: Inquisition

Based on interpolated information from surrounding graphics cards of similar performance levels, fluent frame rates are expected. The recording software, Fraps, does not run with Mantle mode so we were forced to use the internal benchmark, which is far from optimal.


Type dxdiag in the text field 4. Zombies Games Plants vs. Many rooms indoors are decorates extensively and the package is rounded off with well-animated, engrossing characters. Get your bonus content Have you accessed all the Dragon Age: I’m using Windows 7 64bit with all current patches. Though it is ridiculous when I can play Assassin’s Creed Unity not all that well, but still playable which doesn’t support Vista 64bit either and has even higher minimum requirements than this.

Intel UHD Graphics November I have fully unistalled my Radeon driver and reinstalled the newest drivers and I am able to load the game. The graphics option offers more than 10 options and four presets “Low”, “Medium”, “High” and “Ultra” which automatically set all the menu options.

The water, vegetation and level details are all good. Tessellation aeg a very plastic object structure. Bioware has really given the gamer the freedom to tailor the game raedon to meet their needs. Best Displaysfor University Students.

The AMD Radeon R9 Nano Review: The Power of Size

Intel HD Graphics Broadwell. If one were to zoom in and pausing while fighting, one would notice the unusually high quality inquiisition beams, sparks and explosions. Fluent — Based on all known benchmarks using the specified graphical settings, this game should run at or above 35fps. Double click on it and change the number to whatever number the prompt had been saying you need.


Infact I actually meet and in a few instances exceed the minimum requirements for this game with the exception having Vista. The second game focused on action and provided gamers immense enjoyment. November This is apparently a problem with Radeon HD cards in general.

The AMD Radeon R9 380X Review, Feat. ASUS STRIX

It’s as simple as editing the Catalyst version number in the registry editor. Inquisition low x Low Graphics Quality. Message 14 of 49 7, Views. If your computer has a bit version of Windows, that button will not be available.

Message 13 of 49 7, Views. See details Show less.