Diamond instead used ESS’s less powerful chips to continue the line. Dentist Member Oct-4 5: I just installed Windows XP, but it won’t recognize my card. Graphics cards, sound cards , Digital audio players. Graphics cards , sound cards , Digital audio players. The Sonic Impact was the value-oriented sound card line from Diamond.

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Meanwhile I will do some reading for you hey I have a problem that no one can solve so I think I will put that on hold for a while since I am tire of reading abour SCSI cards.

Diamond Monster Sound MX400

Thus, the Monster Sound MX came to see the light of day. Dentist Member Oct-4 1: Most Active Windlws Topics this week Specifically, they tell the buyer the card’s memory amount and type. As of Septemberthus long after that business, Diamond was also preparing a new video card, based on the latest-generation R graphics core.

They have produced graphics cards, motherboards, modems, sound cards and MP3 players, however the company began with the production of the TrackStar, a PC add-on card which emulated Apple II computers. They are a slightly newer product with the ‘Navigator’ player software having a cleaner user interface. The series was highly successful as the Voodoo Graphics and Voodoo2 chipsets introduced consumer-grade 3D graphics into the PC and arcade markets, whereas such capabilities had previously been present primarily in very high-end CAD and graphic design workstations.


Diamond Multimedia – Wikipedia

Whereas the MonsterSound lineup was targeted at no-holds-barred gamers, spund Sonic Xound cards were more generally aimed, and were cheaper and less powerful. Friend bragging about 10 year old car with really low mileag [ Automotive ] by IowaCowboy Aureal had gone into bankruptcy sonud was dissolved, so their last generation of chips were never released. Diamond Viper Resource Pageaccessed March The MX was the last of the Monster Sound cards.

Unfortunately this was hardly a worthwhile reason to buy the card because the central CPUs in PCs at the time were more than capable of handling MP3 playback. You may lose functionality for that card but at least you will get it working right? If asked for drivers point it to the win9x folder again. This chip was rather slow and basic. I have an MX soundcard that installed perfectly with XP.

Monster Sound MX was advertised as being one of the first sound cards with hardware MP3 decoding acceleration. The card is secured as I have not taken it out since the upgrade When it was time for Diamond to update their product line for A3D 2.

Win XP- Diamond Monster Mx soundcard problems – Computer Hardware Help | DSLReports Forums

Since Diamond who knows what they are called now has ppro that card out it would be hard to get support from them. InDiamond was acquired by S3 Graphics and became primarily a supplier of products based upon their graphics accelerator chips.


Diamond Multimedia is an American company that specializes in many forms of multimedia technology. Rather than use Aureal’s hardwired A3D 1. Graphics cardssound cardsDigital audio players. If the first digit was 2then the windowx used standard DRAM.

The series was highly successful nonster, for a significant part, responsible for the 3D Graphics revolution of the mid-late s. The brand has a lineage going back to Supra, Inc.

The company was the defendant in a significant copyright case for its Rio digital music playerwhich the Recording Industry Association of America claimed infringed copyrights; the Ninth Circuit deemed it to be a fair usehowever, in RIAA v. Run the add new hardware wizard.

Still the lineup consisted of several capable cards. Diamond XtremeSound is the first sound card line launched after the company’s restructuring in Karl Bode News Guy join: It doesn’t seem that that diamond monster is listed as being tested.

Only the bundled player software can use the hardware MPEG2 decoding of the card.