This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Views Read View source View history. Yeah the Dell receiver link is long gone? What about desoldering the transmitter from the remote and replacing it with bluetooth so it will work with an android tablet. Trademarks used in this text: LinuxMCE now supports this device.

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I restarted my mediacenter machine and it says… no operating system found. Like a lot of modern households, mine has switched to a PC based entertainment center.

Dell Gyration Remote – Hardware – LibreELEC Forum

Can anyone help me fixing it? I was at work when the UPS delivery came, so it is at the appartment office now waiting for me to pick it up. We wrapped the del wires in electrical tape, and then installed the Thomson driver on our computer. Yeah the Dell receiver link is long gone? The Dell Premium Remote Control does not require line of sight to control your Views Read View source View history.

These include the arrows and number keys.

How to: Build your own Gyration Media Center remote

The control gyraation the mouse is much more accurate and easier then I thought it would be. Also referred to as the Air Music Remote, this unit was originally called the Gyration Ultra R, and was actually released after the below mentioned Dell remote that was designed for their M system.


LinuxMCE now supports this device. Trademarks used in this text: Once we received our board we began to strip the wires on the included connector and paired it with our Ygration cable using the following: Back to Contents Page Introduction: You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Other gyratioon the wireless mouse controls that the remote offers, one nice feature of the remote is the ability to control Windows Media Player WMP while your display is off.

From here you can view songs by album or artist and even access your playlist. It also works as a great TV remote so instead of 10 remotes, we only need this one. Definitely an interesting idea, especially for the tyration. Installed the driver downloaded from the link indicated in this site.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Retrieved from ” http: I ordered the yy from Dell as well. Current status seems to be that a portion of the buttons will work under Linux out-of-the-box on some distros, and the rest can be made to work with a bit of effort. This mapping really should be handled at the mythtv level.


It has an LCD read-out.

Presumably mythlcdserver and lcdproc after some minor code modification somewhere Very easy to install and use. Then it just says the USB port is drawing too much power.

Please read all restrictions and disclaimers. Other than the delay, the remote itself has performed great and all for less than the cost of the Movea remote. I have purchased both yy and the remote.

Some keys work out of the box. We did experience some lag while scrolling down the list of songs, but this could have been due to our excessive button smashing. If you do buy the remote on eBay be aware that the remote will only work with the RH card.