About others – I have no idea. MX will be out by Christmas or New Years. Most current Linux distributions do not include this so you will need to install it manually. I have the Intel wireless card, and the NVidia graphics chip. Okay, so far, so good. I have the onboard graphics Intel MHD , which also works out of the box in 8. I’m running Ubuntu 8.

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Which Linux distribution are you using?

I doubt you’ll find any specific guide to installing a Linux distro on your specific machine although I’ve yet to de,l myself to look for one – I’m on my phone at liunx momentbut if you’re willing to get your hands a little dirty, it shouldn’t be too hard to setup the drivers for your laptop. But there are overheating issues with this laptop http: Asked if I wanted to overwrite the previous Linux install or the entire computer.

On my Dell Latitude E, running sudo apt-get install bcmwl-kernel-source sudo reboot as proposed by an article on ajopaul. But it seems to me a very good laptop for linux. I’d still recommend getting regular Ubuntu to start with because there are more tutorials online geared specifically for itbut you should have no major issue navigating around XubuntuKubuntu or Linux Mint if you’re willing to do ilnux a little extra poking about.



Once you learn them you can stream line them to make them into high performance systems. What wireless card do you have? But im still happy: I never did a smoother linux installation and this even on a laptop. E64400 the external monitor can be used I installed the nvidia driver.

wireless – Wifi is not working on my Dell E – Ask Ubuntu

Let’s keep this alive and try to figure out what’s wrong; I’m sure there are others with this problem. It works like a charm!

I am a novice at best but eager! The latest Ubuntu version is Ubuntu Anyone have any suggestions? Results 1 to 10 of Fresh install of I observed that the fan does not stay always on if you boot the system without power-cables connected. I’m running Ubuntu 8. Cleaning of cpu fan — it helps for limited time.

So, I’m ordering the parts. Thanks for the review… nice to hear that it all just works out of the box. Only if the heavy load remains for several minutes or it is ljnux hot in your room then the pc will increase the fan speed.


This laptop is not working well for me.

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Even going to hibernate and standby are working fine. MX will be based on Debian Jessie.

PC Card slot has some problems!. Jens Erat 4, 7 20 E and W6400 It is okay not loudbut not as quiet as I read in some reviews: I’ve tried both live cd’s and liked them both alot. View more guides at Linux Wiki Guides.

I have to use external keyboard to create a good document without being frustrated. For linux I made good experiences some years ago with an external modem. Originally Posted by Graphic.