If the charger cleaner is not properly restored a black band will appear on copies. To use the collate mode turn the continuous scan function on. Loading Paper Open the MP tray towards you until it click into place. Press Paper Select to select the paper feed location, and press Enter. This machine is initially set for manual exposure adjustment. The Pausing Job List screen is displayed. Preparations – contains information on setting the machine up ready for use.

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Optional Document Processor Remove all of the originals from the document feed tray. Basic Operation Collate Mode Multiple originals can be collated.

Basic Operation Place the original on the platen and press Start. Replace the toner container using a new toner kit.

Any changes made to the network settings will become valid after you turn the power to the machine off and then back on again.

The image PDF is named as doc plus the date and time at which it was c-copia. Paper Jam Troubleshooting Paper Jam If a paper jam occurs, a message will be displayed about the jam and copying or printing will stop.


Enter text from picture: Copier Olivetti d-Copia Operation Manual pages. For example, a pdf attachment named doc Do not look directly at the light from the scanning lamp as it may cause your eyes to feel tired or painful.

D-dopia 63 Maintenance Shake the new toner container horizontally 5 or 6 times to distributed the toner inside. Open the original cover and wipe the platen and the original cover, as shown in the illustration.

Press to select the copying job to cancel. Preparations – contains information on setting the machine up ready for use. Troubleshooting 6 Troubleshooting General Guidelines The table below provides basic solutions for problems you may encounter with the machine. This machine is initially set for manual exposure adjustment. In e-copia event will Agfa Japan d-copix liable for lost profits, lost data, or any other incidental or consequential damages, or any damages caused by abuse or misapplication of the Software and Typefaces.

Contact your dealer for information.


For details, refer to the Advanced Operation Guide. Pressas appropriate, to change the displayed zoom ratio to the desired ratio. Add paper to the paper source; page Casset. Troubleshooting Maintenance and Error Messages When any of the following messages appears on the message display, perform the procedure provided below. Always grasp the power plug when removing the power cord from the outlet.


Olivetti d-Copia 18MF Operation Manual

Lift the process unit, together with the toner container, out of the machine and place it on a clean, x-copia surface. Press right Select to switch between types of characters. Machine Parts identifies the names and functions of the machine and operation panel. Zoom Copies Basic Operation Zoom Copies It is possible to change the zoom ratio in order to make copies of an enlarged or reduced size.

Adjust the paper width guides to fit the width of the paper. Troubleshooting Message Procedure Reference Send error. If the leading edge of the jammed paper is visible, pull it out towards you.

Preparations Character Entry To enter an e-mail address, etc. The jam indications will disappear.

Place the original on the platen and press Start. Message Procedure Reference Add paper to paper source.