This is about average these days. It also means shifting collections is easy, without compromising file types. On the high-end you have the iPod and iRiver; on the lower end you have Creative and Rio. The 20GB iPod measures 4. This price places it dead center in the market. Apple iPod 20GB -Firewire 6.

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Top power packs for phones and USB-C laptops. Review summary We’ve been waiting for more than two and a half years for a high-capacity MP3 player smaller than the iPod, and finally, we’re holding one in our hands. It is based on a 20GB drive, which is standard fare these days. Apple iPod 20GB -Firewire 6. There’s no screen on the main unit- that’s hidden away -and there is a small just a button cluster and discrete lights tucked into the top edge.

Even once you learn how to navigate menus and songs, you’ll need to consult the manual to master this device. It’s an interesting idea that’s a bit different to the Apple option, and allows you to pocket the main player out of the way- don’t worry, Cowon’s had the foresight to add plenty of length on the headphone cord however.

Visit manufacturer site for details. What to expect from January’s Consumer Electronics Show.

The mobile world might finally get exciting again in Review Sections Review Specs. When Apple released the iPod, it was by no means the first MP3 player that was on the market, but over the past couple of years it has become the defacto MP3 player. In the case of iRiver the remote is excellent. I will see how this works out when I get a iaurio unit.


Cowon claims 14 hours of operation from a full charge. Cowon hopes to knock the crown off the ruler with its 20Gb hard drive based player the M3, but does the player offer enough guile and grit to get the job done?

I would suggest going for the cradle if you are considering the player. If you can picture yourself using only an in-line remote–albeit one with a spacious screen–to control your MP3 player while it’s stored out of sight, the M3 deserves serious consideration as an alternative to the iPod. Ciwon was able to undercut the iPod by almost an ounce, which isn’t much if you’re talking about bowling balls but is appreciable if you’re talking about ultra light portables.

As a storage device, it’s as good as the next HDD player, storing everything from div-x to gifs and spitting them out again nicely. If you skip the dock, then you get a small module that connects to the bottom of the player. However, as you’ll soon learn, Cowon didn’t skimp on any features. It’s impressive that Cowon could fit all this into such a compact shell.

Great for stocking up, without the need to login, download or rip. Best power banks Also, the top half of the headset is interchangeable so you can plug in your own headphones. As you can see, the only drawback to the M3 is really the missing LCD.


Cowon iAUDIO M3

While this configuration isn’t for everyone, those who prefer to use an in-line remote iuadio navigate through tunes will appreciate this setup over that of the iPod, which doesn’t have a display on its remote. Expect hours continuous playback from the built in battery, with a full charge via cradle, USB or power pack in 6 hours.

The iAudio M3 takes about 10 seconds to boot up, during which time the remote’s blue-backlit six-line LCD shows a silhouetted dancer, reminiscent of Apple’s current iPod ad campaign. This price places it dead center in the market.

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Cowon iAudio M3 Specs – CNET

For example, you can’t uaudio the volume while viewing menus; instead, you first need to click back to the screen showing the song that’s playing. This is a pretty ballsy move considering that the current LCD trend is to make them larger, not take them away. Create multiple folders, edit, label and rename files at will- even when playing, the headset control panel gives full menu navigation.