Sat Nov 12, 1: I remember the slowdown being inaccurate on Futari. Thu Jan 18, 9: Google [Bot] , pat and 3 guests. Thu Oct 26, 8: Waitomo Top 10 Holiday Park.

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My Arcade games “ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn! It is currently Sat Dec 29, I see that David above has provided a third route – heading north of Rotoruabut joiningg the Arapuni Road at Putaruru towards Kihikihi.

Until the games cabe running properly and the playing field is level, they shouldn’t even be considered for score IMO.

CAVE SH3 PCB Schematics/Lead on CAVE Repairman – Arcade Otaku – アーケード オタク

Sometimes they drop off anyway and this is one of those instances I’ve seen it many times on MVS boards. We will be driving from Rotorua to Waitomo on 6th April and wonder which is the most interesting route to take.

Aye either agree a blitter rate for each game or cavw table for no slowdown at all.


We need to aviod them when we activate time accellerator. It is currently Sat Dec 29, US Dime used as perspective Sat Nov 12, 2: Used a piece of plain ol’ wire. I’ve died a hundred times because of it on the real boards.

Mon Jan 15, 8: Is performance between one person’s PC and another comparable? This is true thing is for people like me who have only played ps2 port of ibara no slowdown is what im used to, im not even sure ibara has slowdown in many places that even matter?

It removes one frame cqve input lag. Looks to me like the C pads never had anything on them.

I don’t see the point in giving scoreboard maintainers even more work. Gradius games, definitely, but I think in general this wasn’t an issue with the genre until 68k hardware started getting maxed out in the 90s.

Was hoping this would fix stuff like that. We are booked on a cave tour at 2: More than that, there’s only about three people in the world who actually care, because now cavve the hype around the “hardest boss EVAR! It’s just not possible and that’s fine. All of your saved places can be found here in My Trips.


AC Hishouzame does not come to mind when thinking about old shmups with “massive” slowdown. The same can not be said here. Fri Jan 12, 8: Now featuring Storm Blade English move strip! If you guys want to get really pedantic on the accuracy of emulation topic well su3 could be here a long time. Fri Dec 02, 9: No registered users and 6 guests.

We decided to detour through Cambridge as one of our group has connections to that town and hadn’t realised that it was close to Waitomo. Google [Bot]pat and 3 guests. C75 looks all black on one of the boards on the pic you posted.