Therefore I needed to use the 2. If it’s being picked up there, it’s probably being properly detected by your system. As usual, the image created successfully. With all this discussion about chipsets of USB 2. No problems with creation or restore.

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So, try cloning by first booting from the Rescue CD.

External USB/Firewire drives that work | Page 2 | Wilders Security Forums

I am learning a lot about how USB devices work. The more I think about it, the more it looks like usb-storage did recognize it and I just couldn’t find it.

I have not actually tried imaging a drive from a backup, but, I assume if the image is good and it is accessible, that it should work fine we all know where assuming gets us! The disk is, indeed my old Mandy 9. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies.

Thanks for the help. Thanks guys, u have made it seem real simple, I am do both items tomorrow, soon as I get them up and running I will post the results. Therefore I needed to use the 2.


Edited June 10, by banjo. What does not work: Would it be possible to you, to tell me which international manufactor is placing Prolific chipsets into drives? I just picked up an external disk enclosure to use with an old Western Digital 40 gig disk that I have lying around. Evidently that does not work when it is the only drive on the IDE. Reboot case and confirm update with 2.

Bytecc ME-320 Free Driver Download (Official)

Mar 24, Posts: I suspect that it is a driver problem. Has anyone used one of these for backup images? Thanks alot Dish, the first part is very helpful, the only problem is the second part is for a Benq drive, I have a NECwould these steps also apply or do I need different ones for the nec.

Pioneer Dvd-Rw Dvd E: No problems with creation or restore. Right now, I am thinking about how I want to reformat my new old disk to use as a backup.

External USB/Firewire drives that work

I had no idea that bytecv enclosure was a problematic one. As for upgrading my Mandy 9. Lets see more posts like this. If you had a mandrake install on the disk which was auto partitioned by the mandrake installer, logical partitions were made so the first partition would be sda5.


All have been successful.

External Enclosure /Dvd-RW problems, please help [Archive] – Doom9’s Forum

This is a just released drive, there is no newer firmware available as present. Thanks for that pointer.

Anyone want a cheap USB 2. So, if I buy another one, how do I know?

Once I have all the data I need off that drive, I will do a test image to it. I suspect that that model number might suggest that it uses the ALI chipset, but I really don’t know. Maybe u can give me the proper order of these steps to get my setup to the optimal performance. An error occured while writing track 1 at position Jan 4, Posts: