Here is how I got around the kernel panic:. Originally Posted by DataDragon. I have installed Windows XP and use it via Bootcamp if that makes any difference. There has to be a pretty crappy software power switch in the card you are using. Anyway, actually it should not matter at all, I could imagine that this is a PCIe related issue

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I’ve got a new MB Pro and am about ready to return it or throw it away. Can you see the AirPort? This unpacked the files into the local folder. I don’t have any advice for you just yet beyond making sure cbm43xx not any problems with your mac outside of Hex that could be causing this. What does dmesg say? Yet Bootcamp Assistant and VM installations continue to be extensively used.

I was looking on my desktop that does not have a wireless card, therefore, no wonder it does not have this folder. Sign in with Twitter.

HexPatch [] User ID: This was helpful 0.

Broadcom BCM43xx 1.0 ( win7 driver

We’ve not had any massive crashes like that on our hardware, so I am curious what is unique about yours. I think this laptop has been cursed Broadcom; Atheros Intel; Marvel??? The results are the same no matter which distribution I use.


Get a new one. You are reporting the following post: These is some threads that discussing the issue presario C series issue.

MacBook Pro wireless connection problem

The device would need to have two separate radios to be able to do this. Are you brosdcom a laptop internal Broadcom card or are you trying to install this card in a standard mini PCI-Express slot of your desktop PC’s mainboard? Leave the card out of the laptop for now 2. Did some looking around If you search the Bootcamp Forum or using Google you may find some Windows installion examples where Windows is the only operating system on the drive.

Posted June 22, But the bcm43xx kernel module requires you to install the required firmware manually using bcm43xx-fwcutter.

Where can I find individual drivers for M… – Apple Community

Found my card as Airport and everything was working again. I’ll answer this as I am in a similair situation Apr 8, bcm43xxx Is there another network connection? I believe it should work. Who knows, though, maybe a VM will work just fine, we’ll have to see!


You are posting a reply to: The game works today but I’m not sure why. Just because Windows is on your computer does not mean the istall worked.

Radio chips will be the same and will not allow both hotspot and wifi-client on the same adapter.

The tooltip widget for the Options and Chat buttons in the upper right corner blocks clicking of those two buttons. I have posted the text of the crash well as much as I had patience for retyping below: It’s almost as if either the router or the laptop is turning N off and then back on for some reason.