I will be doing exactly that in the hopefully near future. If you wanted them removable, you’d be best with the SKU: I’m starting to think it takes me less time than hooking up an IPAC! I’ll presume this has helped users so far then??? Don’t Miss a Deal Subscribe.

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What stick are you moving to?

The way Uoystick seems to work is that it gives each USB controller a device number eg Joystick 0, Joystick 1, Joystick 2 based on the order they are plugged in. We love to see you back.

I intend to hack 2 x ps1 controllers for a 2 player control panel using a single USB connection.

(SOLD) Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog Flight stick w/ TFRP Flight Rudder Pedals

That’d be bloody right, they replied to blluetek and said that because its after 30 days that I have to pay the postage both ways to return and to get a new one posted.

Thanks again The way Windows seems to work is that it gives each USB controller a device number eg Joystick 0, Joystick 1, Joystick 2 based on the order they are plugged in.

I have about 10 hours of flight time on this HOTAS and it’s been sitting in it’s original box for several months now safe and sound. It’s by far one of the most amazing joysticks on the market. It was joystico with the deal I got on New Egg at the time and profit isn’t something I was concerned about.

  N10225 XP DRIVER

How would you set this up as you would have 2 x USB connectors. I got everything g today. Bluetek Commander Oct 6, It just detects as a generic USB jyostick to Windows, so it’ll work anywhere where joysticks can be used.

If you’re debating whether to do a ‘keyboard hack’ or buy a dedicated encoder like an IPAC, then this USB controller hack is a very cheap and viable alternative as it is far easier to hack, far less time consuming, and suffers none of the ‘ghosting’ problems of keyboard hacks.

I may have found the holy grail of controller hacks [Archive] – Aussie Arcade

Just email them, and ask for a sample price. Hey man, I kicked you a few bucks to help out. Actual product may differ from that pictured. Forums New posts Search forums. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Aug 27, 2, 8, bluetk, RSI Handle hardroc So get right in there and start playing!

On the surface it looks pretty good. Its a good point, and I’ll test it more thoroughly as soon as my first joystick is built, by playing bubble bobble: Thanks to the support of our valued customers, we are continously growing and adding on new lines at amazing prices for you ShoppingSquare has been a multi awards winning since ShoppingSquare. Its definately a cheaply made product but if you buy one and test that they both work before cracking it open, you should be fine.


I attached 2 x ps1 gamepads, and as joysgick suggested configured in MAME. Also, I have the Windows 7 Beta and it works with that aswell. Tried again with this controller. You have made me and my SimPit happy, but not so bludtek the wife. They’ll ship you a one-off which you can test, and then do a bulk order based on that. I usually get my orders in multiple smaller shipments as the items become available. I have a question, with a gamepad hack like these, could I map it so that the 1player vertical controls are the same buttons for the 1player horiztonal?

Should be fixed now. We work hard everyday to reduce unnecessary costs so that you save money and have more time to shop with us.

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I will hold it for Test member if they really want it. What’s new New posts New media New media comments Latest activity.

I sold it for the low price I did because I didn’t pay anything for the rudder pedals.