You may be able to find the old M board on ebay on the cheap. At any rate, to the OP, I feel your pain Im trying to find a motherboard for my asus g2s currently, thai soup damage The last major update was months ago, despite current issues on a clean install utilizing the newest drivers available. What can I do about the fact they did not honor the warranty? Even to compensate for the faster card M with a lite vent mod, it would still be a better situation. They simply avoided me and now I have no laptop.

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If you cannot return the laptop, then make sure to post up in the owner’s lounge and read through solutions to common problems you may face. Since I have received bits and pieces from them, I will refrain from posting as it may be a conflict of interest. One thing i neglected to look at assus graphics card since its a gaming laptop i assumed it had atleast a mb in it but it only has a mb.

Actually, that’s why I’m here ThaladarDec 26, at 3: PNMar 9, What can I do about the fact they did not honor the warranty? I did find used MB’s for this model on Ebay. Both models were not widely popular as they were late to the game.


ASUS tells me that the laptop is locked and there is no why to upgrade it. NINJan 14, Asus Support is not the best. Even to compensate for the faster card M with a lite vent mod, it would still be a better adus.

At the current moment, I would advise to attempt to return the laptop, if possible for a couple of reasons. Between Msi and Asus HenrisDec 21,in forum: They now are avoiding me and will not return emailsphone calls, anything.

Asus G2 Graphics card

Is there amy place to go for filing a complaint besides a court house? The graphics card has a high probability of failure.

The US has a better reputation than other regions, but is not especially quick or thorough to the degree of Dell or Lenovo. Once it goes, the laptop essentially [dies] and must be RMA’d under warranty or out of pocket.

If you just want to get your laptop through the next couple months, possible try finding out if it is in fact a duaghter board, or if the gpu is on the existing motherboard. Log in or Sign up.

Asus G2S laptop video card drivers

I guess the only bright side here aaus I’m possibly getting a new computer – though I hate to shell out the cash for one so soon after getting the G2S last year Yes, my password is: The driver support is severely lacking. Maybe OP can find the mobo for that G2 and stuff it in his?


asuw Yes, that was the G2SG. Let me add my story here – G2S-X1, had it for less than a year and a half about 16 monthsand had severe heat issues, followed earlier this week by a dead graphics card.

Asus G2 Graphics card | NotebookReview

The computer was great Trying to see if I could order one and have a computer tech friend of mine install it here to save the laptop. Is this laptop really not upgradable? The major issue is that their boards are not for sale by either Asus or the open market.

Or underclocking it to M performance Any thoughts on my next move to get this resolved would be appreciated. The above are my own findings from vidso on the phone, via email, and sleepless nights online.