Before beginning the fuser disassembly procedures, become familiar with the location and orientation of the various Fuser Assembly parts see Table The printer should display an rlF- si ze:: With a screwdriver, release the latches by first pressing to clear the lower latch, then lift;ing to release the upper latch. Input Paper Stationary Jam: Incorrect size selection on the cassette.

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The LaserJet 4 series had small printers in the range: If the problem continues, refer to the “14 no ep CHhT Message” section.

Note EconoMode is recommended in portrait orientation only. To this day, professional-grade LaserJets retain more comprehensive displays. You can use the page count to track printer use. Reseat all connectors on the DC Controller. The Hewlety LaserJet was the world’s first desktop laser printer.

These printers have an optional sheet Lower Cassette which is installed in the field. Correct the setting to match tray. An accessory cartridge was removed or replaced while the printer was on line. If a defect appears pringer the print image at these intervals, assume the defect is associated with the Toner Cartridge.


Message 1 of Italic 4plue is used to indicate related documents or emphasis. If prjnter printer is installed in a hot or humid location, tell the customer to move the printer to a better location. If the printer is placed near a window, make sure the window has a curtain or blind to block direct sunlight. Can any one help? This is a great printer and frustrating it is so hard to set up with Windows. The drum is an extruded aluminum cylinder.

To adjust the tension, tap the stack of paper several times and turn the leftmost knob on the cassette until the arrows on the indicator align. If cables are not routed properly, it is difficult to reinstall the Formatter Cage and cable damage may result.

The paper passes between a heated fusing roller and a soft pressure roller.

Configuration laderjet o-io oiiae aocL. There was a Select button, a large green Go button, and a small orange Cancel Job button. Note For any LaserJet 5 error message preceded with a number from 20 through 81, look up the equivalently-numbered message in Table and proceed as directed.

Full text of “HP LaserJet 4 – 5 Service Manual”

Remove the HVPS, and check the connectors for damage. The higher the print density setting, the more toner transferred to the drum. Proceed; printer is ready to use. The LC Tray Tray 3 is not fully seated into the printer. A Cold Reset can not reset the archiced count, cold reset tray size, or display language settings. Until the DC controller receives the expected BD signal, a nominal positive voltage is applied to the transfer roller to prevent toner build-up while the transfer Roller is in direct contact with the drum.


This raster data is sent to the laser scanner assembly via the DC Controller. Ei”iDT should appear in the control panel display.

HP LaserJet

ON When an error is encountered, printer are pressed. Caution Use only overhead transparencies recommended for use in laser printers. Use the following procedure to set the page count: