Other objects and specific benefits of the present invention can be discerned from the following description and accompanying figures. Back to home page. The joystick adapter of claim 3, wherein said attachment fingers of said band form a T-shape. Furthermore, a pair of side surface switches 32a and 32b are formed on a rear surface of the housing 12, and a bottom surface switch 34 is formed approximately center of the lower half 16 in the vicinity of the base end of the at the center grip On an upper surface of the operating knob , a recess portion is formed such that a finger of the hand can be easily put on the knob Input device for providing multi-dimensional position coordinate signals to a computer.

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A kit can be provided with the invention in which a variety of knobs are provided, each having a different configuration. On an upper surface of the operating knoba recess electronicc is eoectronic such that a finger of the hand can be easily put on the knob Force feedback device including flexure member between actuator and user object. One swingable member 66 is formed by an arc-like member which is provided with a long hole being made long in a longitudinal direction of gsme arc-like member, and supporting shafts 72a and 72b are formed at both ends of the swingable member 66, and shaft end portions 76a and 76b respectively having flat surfaces 74a and 74b are extended from the supporting shafts 72a and 72b, and a sector gear 78 is provided on one shaft end portion 76b.

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The joystick adapter 20 includes a controller stick 22 that is manipulated by the user’s thumb, and a controller base 23 which is engaged to the controller stick More specifically, if a finger is detached from the lever to release the operation of the lever, the lever returns to its home position normally, a position that the lever stands upright. Referring now to FIGS. Video game steering system causing translation, rotation and curvilinear motion on the object.

See terms – opens in a new window or tab. In addition, the height level of swing-shafts supporting shafts 72 and 82 of fontroller swingable members 66 and 68 are coincident with a height level of a center of the ball portion In addition, in this embodiment shown, the controller pack 50 includes not only a vibration generating circuit 50 A that is a feature of this embodiment but also a RAM 51 which functions as an external storage device and a battery 52 for backing-up the RAM At an intermediate position between the left grip 18 and the right grip 20, a center grip 22 is formed in a manner such that it protrudes toward the front side.


An analog joystick 28 which is capable of designating all directions within degrees is formed on the housing 12 in the vicinity of a base end of the center grip It will nevertheless be understood that no limitation of the scope of the invention is thereby intended, such alterations and further modifications in the invention, and such further applications of the principles of the invention as described therein being contemplated as would normally occur to one skilled in the art to which the invention relates.

Method and apparatus for ankko simulated physical interactions within computer generated environments.

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The controller control circuit 17 is provided for receiving or transmitting the data in a bit-serial fashion between the bus control circuit or RCP 12 and the connectors – The electronic game device, with the option of pseudostereofoniseen sound development. The reception circuit converts a serial signal such as a control signal transmitted from the controller eoectronic circuit 17 and data to be written into electronuc controller pack 50 into a parallel signal which is then applied to the control circuit Furthermore, a cost of the game machine unit rectifies the number of the connectors, and therefore, it is impossible to form a large number slectronic connectors on the game machine unit.

Therefore, a game machine controller 1 second prior art controller shown in FIG. Furthermore, a sloped angle of the guide wall of the guide ring is determined in a manner that the controllee 90 at a position that the lever 90 is inclined at its maximum inclination is along with the guide wall becomes in parallel to each other as shown in FIG.

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In accordance with the invention, the joystick adapter 20 is removably mounted to the body 11 of the game controller 10, and more specifically mounted over the directional keypad In this embodiment elechronic, a vibration generating motor is utilized as the vibration source System, method and computer program product for rejecting or deferring the playing of a media file retrieved by an automated process.


As described electrnoic, the guide ring includes the guide wall having the octagonal outer edge in viewing the guide ring from above.

Be the first to write a review. The image processing system is a video game system, for example, and constructed so as to include an image processor 10a ROM cartridge 20 which is one example of an external storage device, a monitor 30 which is one example of a display means connected to the image processor 10a controller 40 which is one example of an operation means, and a controller pack 50 described later in detail which is detachably attached to the controller Video game apparatus, method and device for controlling same, and memory cartridge for video games.

As one might expect, the great commercial success of home video games has spawned a growing secondary market for modified game controllers. Make Offer – Loading Turn-table adapter capable of being attached to a game device and portable game device using the same.

Therefore, the guide wall functions as a lever guide as described above, as well as a lever stopper which stops the lever 90 at the maximum inclination position.

In accordance with one aspect of the invention, the means for retaining the clip on the controller body includes an elastic band having a T-shape. Finally, the material of the band 26 must be sufficiently elastic so that the user can easily stretch the openings 65 to mount them over the respective tabs The item you’ve selected was not added to your cart.

Method and apparatus for dynamically reconfiguring the order of hidden surface processing based on rendering mode. More specifically, the present invention relates to an operating device with an analog joystick, which is, ckntroller in use, connected to an image processor which generates image data of an image to ccontroller displayed on a monitor such as a television receiver or the like, and outputs operation signals which can modify the image data, that is, the image according to an operation by an operator.