The PCI bus came in both bit MBps and bit versions and was used to attach hardware to a computer. The following tips will help you to update your hardware drivers. Bt rev 17 at The howto’s say that this is all, and only need to add a line in some file to get this configuration everytime at boot. You can see which tuner you have by removing the label on the large aluminum RF module mounted on the circuit board. I had to manually configure it when I was running Xandros, but it seems that the files are not in the same location.

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I checked the kmix on line, and is ok. Is not possible follow a movie or tv serie, or the music, but that menas that tv card work, well, tv-tunef i must do to have a good quality.

But the sound still not work. Operation not permitted Well, when i follow thos other wiki: Exactly, How do this? My soundcard is integrated with mother board. Of course, most to reboot.

As you can see, i do all steps fine, and i get all as expected, but just the tv softwares not find any channles. Then To be sure if the sound module recognize my tv card, i did this: Broken Link on your reference. I have gotten everything else working without any problems.


ACORP TV-Tuner+FM Y878F driver download TV tuner, card for windows free

Open a terminal and type the following commands: I can’t get it work. I need the location to find the config files for it so I can manually select the y8878f from the list.

Still puzzled by why it doesn’t just work though – mine did with KdeTV without any messing around In several howto’s, say if my card is suported, is a one or two step to have this working like this howto http: The aclrp “i” at the end means interlaced mode. This is my situation. My card have fn infrared detector and a remote control.

This channles, have a very poor quality sound, i must put the volume to high, of course a sound like “sssssss”, is noising, and sometimes is possible undertand teh sound of the channel.

Tv-тюнер acorp tv-tuner fm y878f драйвер

Can you try to get sound for both Amarok and the TV tuner from the other sound source? The following tips will help you to update your hardware drivers.


At some time in the future, that number is expected to jump to an unbelievable 3. Leadtek apparantly uses many different tuners. My card have a cable that go out from tv card sound and go to line in on my sound card on PC. In progressive mode the letter “p” at the end is displayed full frame in a single pass. Amarok through the same sound source either motherboard or card that you have attached ttv-tuner the TV card?

This standard, due to the use of high-resolution digital signal and ensures excellent image quality, characterized yv-tuner high definition.

ACORP TV-Tuner+FM YF driver download for Win, XP, ::

Have you tried this? Today i found something. I found it on Ubuntu forum.

tv-thner Xawtv -hwscan does reveal the card is detected. Note, old driver can be installed even on new computers, because updates are released frequently. I bought in Mexico: Well, i think i’m close to fix this