Did you have to change any settings in your TV? Check both EDID threads for more info. I heard they do at the cost of displaying half the image onto each eye. Mon Dec 12, 8: People are saying that the 3D effect on DS is one of the best! I also tried with the glasses upside down. I am using a lg la passive 3dtv.

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It is possible to get 60hz to strobe with a VT betweenthis depends on the monitor however. I have a sceptre tv, but maybe if you make your own inf, it may work.

A single GTX will not run games at highest settings in 3D at 60 frames per second. Regular big drop of FPS, some ghosting. That level of post-processing TruMotion should be disabled when playing games anyway, as it causes noticeable input lag! No sound at all comes out, I’ve checked under sound settings, additional and when normal tv channels are played only pcm Is available, if I play a movie it automatically changes to DD in the additional settings however no sound will come from the TV speakers or the amp the optical cable is connected to.

I think it does exactly what you are looking for.

Many other fullscreen resolutions work too including p. You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum You cannot post attachments in this forum.


As you see, there is a big 3D issue with this new version of DS 2. The amount of light that the passive 3D glasses can effectively block from each opposite eye makes a huge impact on crosstalk. I installed my old driver the actual LG one and when I go to change resolutions and stuff it shows my LG D digitalbut in the Nvidia options it still shows the Acer one the override? Nvidia overrice make it obvious, but they made ovwrride horizontally interleaved passive format available they call it “optimied for Geforce 3D” that only activates when ceratin officiallly supported monitors are connected, like the Acer HRH or the Zalman MW.

We shave the same model i believe. If you don’t want to bother deleting stuff. Of course, but imho 3d vision is still the best. This is where I get stuck. The only bad is, thats the LCD dont switch to his special backlight. All I had to do if I wanted to play a game in 3D is switch to p as the 3D vision projectors all ran 3D in p.

Have you heard of this problem before?

Nvidia 3D Vision – Huge Improvement on Passive 3DTVs (EDID Override)

As overridw added bonus, things outside a windowed 3D game or application are still in usable 2D. Real blow, i have a gtx ti and i only got like 25 fps in sniper v3 at max settings and really Bad ghosting….


If there is a tv that supports that.

Right now, the limitation lies in interface bandwidth. If you use esid over HDMI from your PC to your receiver and use the method mentioned in this post, you will lose audio output from your computer. Did you have to change any settings in your TV?

I have vertical side by side frames without differences.

Blur Busters Forums • View topic – Acer GNHL — is 3d emitter/lightboost hack removable?

Anyone has 1dt hand expreince with that? Overrude install your mod and dont work. I also posted the active registry results from moninfo. They do have crosstalk and it can be constant.

Vizio is a 3D TV with p resolution, but when I finally installed the driver and ran the test.

I’ve set the Samsung TV display port sound device to default in sound properties. The resulting signal is not really a 3D standard, it’s simple 2D signal, just like Side-by-Side or Top-and-Bottom or Over-Underexcept this one has a horizontally interleaved pattern. I have installed the lastest drivers. evid

To uninstall it, simply restore the device ID to the old one. Users browsing this forum: