What is Surround Sound? With no drift control, experience true freedom of movement that allows your exact mousing movements to be translated into in game kills. Read on to see why this isn’t just an IntelliMouse clone. For more details see our Privacy Policy. This mouse is designed especially for those who use a ‘claw’ grip to hold onto their mice. Razer announces Anansi MMO keyboard.

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Can unparalleled adjustment and customization options make for a perfect mouse?

Unlike abjssus desert rattler, though, the ambidextrous Razer Abyssu This sensor will be more than precise enough for most gamers, and we found that under ideal conditions mouse movement was indeed very sharp. For more details see our Privacy Policy.

The item is out of stock and estimated to arrive on the date provided. Written by Paul Goodhead. Ask a question Compare.

Razer Abyssus Mirror Special Edition review: Razer Abyssus Mirror Special Edition – CNET

Bandersnatch is here to cap a twisted Virtual surround sound can be found primarily in headphones that use only two drivers and complex audio processing algorithms to simulate the effect of having multiple audio drivers.


The compact, smooth-operating K is a desktop wireless keyboard replacement that connects Read on to see why it’s one of the best mice we’ve tested to date. The higher the dpi dots per inch count on the sensor, the more precisely your movements will be represented on screen. Has mirro company learnt any new tricks in the last few years then, or is the Sidewinder more useless than a dead viper?

Razer Abyssus Mirror

English United States English Canada. See Razer Kraken 7.

Speedy mouse with switchable DPI and polling rate. Sensor sensibility The Abyssus boasts a 3,dpi infrared sensor, the same one you’d find on the more expensive DeathAdder model. Razer Audio Fest Revel in the sweet sound of victory. Large buttons support full index and middle finger navigation. Please see Razer’s Cookie Policy. The SteelSeries Xai may like mjrror a pretty unassuming mouse, but it’s packed with technology to cater for the twitchiest of twitchy gamers.

Razer is a prolific maker of gaming micethe latest of which is the Abyssus — a mouse for hardcore PC gamers that like other Razer products takes its name from a species of snake. Would order from them again. Continue to next page 01 Abyssu manufacturer site for details. It might sound like an extra from Asterix, but this is a gaming mouse to covet.


Razer Abyssus Mirror Review |

Mionix Naos Review. Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook’s The item is out of stock and estimated delivery date is not known at this time. Logitech’s flagship wireless mouse is finely crafted, offers precise, smooth operation The ability to xbyssus polling rate how often the mouse communicates its co-ordinates to the computer per second is a cool addition, though we can’t really imagine anyone opting for the bog standard Hz over the higher 1,Hz option.

Steep price for fewer features than its competitors. Razer Imperator Gaming Mouse Review. The Item is built to order. Stock level indicator Close. We stress ‘under ideal conditions’ because the Abyssus is something of a prima donna. While many gamers appreciate a low lift-off distance especially if you’re the type of player who regularly lifts your mouse to quickly repositionwe found that because abyssis Abyssus itself is extremely light, it frequently lifted-off within our grip.