I expect the micro controller in the printer simply had enough pins and did it in firmware. I’m going in my office now to take it apart! I used a dremel to cut the circuit board isolating the drivers, motors connectors and the power connector. Max Edited 1 time s. I don’t think the Allegro A does? Its easy to find the tracks and keep all the need components without destroying, the hard part is soldering pins directly on the driver CIs. ASEB how do I wire all these stuff up?

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Not really worth the hassle as the more modern chips do all this and more and only cost a few dollars. So I have a 9″ and 13″ apprx. Thank you for helping me with this Petrus!

The Phoenix Project: Recycled Epson Printer Parts into 3D Printer

I’m sure there are a lot of gears, metal rods and motors inside. If they have enough torque they would probably work fine on a29177seb Prusa style Z axis. An environmentally friendly approach. Also, I would like to use the printer’s board to test the motors if it possible. BIQ Extruder Peek clamp replacement. Sorry, only registered users may post in this forum. Why are the stepper controllers drivers so expensive?


The Phoenix Project: Recycled Epson Printer Parts into 3D Printer

This is quite a big diffrence to make up with steoper. All this topic is amazing!!!! The Pins look like attached Any Ideas? Do I have to cut the PCB with the steppers?

steppfr I am now getting messages that parts have come to the end of their “service life” and need to be replaced. This forum is powered by Phorum. Save some big bucks. Perfect tension and alignment.

I quickly read the datasheet: It is usualy only one stepper motor to run the paper feed this is usualy a 7. Think I might have two or three Old Epsons stored in the home office.

Allegro A2917SEB 1.75a Stepper Motor Controller

I used LB, I set the current with a trimmer: The power supply is 5v and 42v. I have 2 Epson printers parts, and drive the 2 steppers from an arduino was not so difficult. Click here to login.

What are your drivers, Rodrigo? Look forward to hearing from you. I have an Epsoon printer that has served me well.


I’m just doing some tests, not sure about the usage of these steppers. I wired an epson printer board with ASEB drivers to test some steppers: Specifications Nominal Voltage 7 Current 0. Then you just need to control the phase pins to drive the full bridge. Can’t find any data torque on the stepper from the scanner: Would the 5″ longer drive bed be better useful for a certain axis? I like the idea of reusing the power supply circuitry. You’re right, the big gear is perfect for the extruder, I’ve just build the extruder around it pictures will be uploaded soon.

I’d cut the PC board larger first.