Mil-Std remains a dynamic area of avionics, and the technology continues to evolve, embracing packaging and software innovations, faster processors and local area networks, as well as reaching toward truly high-speed implementations. Customers will be able to measure bus parameters, such as rise and fall time, overshoot, pulse width and signal amplitude. You must use Case structure instead of Event. The AMC cards can be configured to “take out some concurrent operations not normally required for embedded airborne Mil-Std applications,” says Doug Ullah, AIM’s sales and marketing director. Receive the latest avionics news right to your inbox. Message 9 of 9. Scheduled for release late in the first quarter of , the 3.

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The data converters will be functional equivalents of Ballard’s Omnibus boxes, says Kevin Christian, customer services manager.

ATC-IPDDC (MIL-STD) from Alphi Technology Corporation – Embedded Computing Design

So, you can’t be sure of which one executes first. So, in case the values in Frame A are not changed withing 25ms from start of the event structure execution, the timeout event occurs and the VI asks for “BuBC Get Data” and stops execution and dsc to next iteration.

So, you can’t be sure of which one executes first. Safe But Not Secure: While the big news around DDC is the successful flight test of its new high-speed terminals, Todd Decker, DDC’s marketing manager forsays that legacy products will continue to be developed and supported. You must use Case structure instead of Event.



Also, the event of value change is dependent upon the user input. The Changing Landscape of Cybersecurity in Aviation. Now, in the event structure you have created for data transfer, the “BuBC send data” and “BuBC Get Data” are in different events, with a timeout of 25ms.

Holt Integrated Circuits Inc. Designated the ACTD, the new transceiver is a variable-amplitude, dual-channel, pin-selectable multichip module with 24 leads. Message 3 of 9. They can perform concurrent BC, multiple RT and MT functions and are available in full-function, single-function and simulator-only versions.

By August Ballard Technology expects to expand its Dsc family with a series of smaller, flightworthy data converters. Hosted on a Windows Mobile for Pocket PC operating system, the unit typically is used to acquire data on the flight line and transport the data back to the lab for analysis.

Flying Secure in Today’s Aviation Environment.

Welcome to National Hybrid Inc.

But it’s possible to work consecutively in Case. In the test dddc imagery was passed between a chassis in the aircraft’s forward equipment bay and a modified smart bomb on a wing pylon station. So, either of the events can occur in one iteration of the while loop containing the event structure, provided the stop designation is false. Our market is the link between net centric warfare data and the legacy databus.


Excalibur Systems has introduced two ddd acquisition products.

Product Focus: What’s New in ? – Avionics

Message 2 of 9. Message 9 of 9. Message 5 of 9. That is the dddc way to get help to help you solve your problem. Message 6 of 9. Message 8 of 9.

Most Active Software Boards: In Event, source code can work 1 time when event you set is occured. NHI also plans a new transceiver. In Event, source code can work 1 time when event you set is occured.

The demo proved, among other things, that high-speed technology is rugged enough to withstand the vibration and noise on the wing, explains Todd Decker, DDC marketing manager for Well, there are certain execution order issues in the VI. Accepted by topic author sikku. Message 1 xdc 9.